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18+Princess goddess Haley

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September 20th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 115
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September 13, 2020


09/13/2020 03:38 PM 


Name Haley 
age 35 in human years 
age in goddess years 100 
Hair dark brown and wavy 
eyes brown / red when angered 
Orintation Bi 
status single 
Race goddes/ hellhound vampire mix 
Type of goddess love infertality nature animal goddess she is well known as the goddess of life and nature 
weakness Tomatos  the forbidden fruit and her love ones and animals 
she can turn off her humanity on her demon side making her no care about others 
she can shape shift 
siblings 6 
step siblings 2 
fathers 4 
speaking to animals 
healing plants 
time travel 
power healing
strong hearing 
strong smell 
strong taste
fast speed  
power strong with vampire power or unhuman powers 
granting wishes 
dreaming magic what she dreams it comes true even day dreaming 
summon demons 
curses and spells like magic powers 
making planets and suns 
breath in space 
time travel 
summon dementions 
summon portals 
godly powers
demon powers sucking ones life out of them 
killing by thought 
cursing someone to not get pregnat 
others powers will be on the way 
shape shifting and changing her forms into anything she likes 
turning human as well as muting her powers in human form 



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