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09/16/2020 10:42 PM 

Mistral in Final Fantasy VII
Category: Stories

Mistral the Cold Wind of Kalm orphaned during Shinra's military bombing operation, the target of which was supposed to be 50 kilometers north of Kalm, due to equipment malfunction, the target is thought to be Kalm itself. Mistaken as another casualty in the insident Fuhito would find the child barely alive. A natural born killer her experences have left her with a sadistic personality, and a fanatical devotion to Fuhito's goal of healing the planet. Mistral was the first test subject for Fuhito's theory of infusing Materia into humans using Blizzara after her transformation into a Raven.  She fights primarially using the arms of the swarms of Tripod she commands thorugh her implants, knifes of Mitral, and her abilities with ice magic. After years of intense training, and tests Mistral gained complete control over the Blizzara Materia. Able to freeze objects with her breath, or touch she often enchants her weapons. She is also capable of closing her wounds with ice, or creating frozen armor.


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