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09/16/2020 10:44 PM 

Monsoon in Final Fantasy VII

Monsoon the tempist orphaned early in the Wutai War he bore witness to his home's destruction just a mile away. Taken in by Fuhito Monsoon was the second successful test subject infusing the Gravity Materia into skull. While the infusion was a success the results made his body unstable special cybernetics grafted into his flesh however allow him to disassemble, and reassemble any part of his body at will. The Jenova cells within Monsoon allow him to control magnitism his Loretz Force. The Lorentz Force  saved his life and keeps his body whole. This Loretz Force allows him to minipulate towering objects, stick to metal structures, and even further enhance his outstanding agility. He has a nihilistic personality, and an obsession with Nature. Like Mistral Monsoon sees humanity as a disease, and is extremely loyal to Fuhito. Monsoon weilds two Sai's named Dystopia both weapons enhanced via magnetic fields. He also employs red phosphorus smoke granades to catch his prety off guard.


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