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At a later point, I'll edit this and delve into more specifics. For now, we'll just get the basics.


Sheltered in her youth, Eloise was born prematurely with a weak heart to a modest family of few numbers, who did all they could to ensure the new member would thrive. Riches weren't within their grasp, and yet, the girl wanted for nothing in her childhood, often finding herself confused when she came to understand she possessed more than her peers. She was further stumped when her exploration led her to the walls of her family's self imposed sanctuary. Connections with others were strained, as she found it hard to make friends when she spent much of her time in a hospital bed, and more directly, when she left poor impressions due to her refusal to share her belongings with others. Oblivious and lonely, she reveled in what she had, until circumstances forced her to learn empathy.

Teenage Years

A true only-child, the weight of her burden on her family never became apparent to her until her father suffered a crippling injury to his back, putting him out of work. She effectively lost her mother to the toll of two full time jobs, while her father struggled to provide in the ways that he could, trying and failing to mask the pain. Even her extended family stepped up to assist, and shortly after her uncle moved in, Eloise discovered the endless medical bills, debts, and the cost of her livelihood - none of which had suffered after her father's accident. Succumbing to depression for a time, her realization of what her family had done to provide for her haunted her memories, though she didn't linger there long. Proudly, her father plodded along with his injuries, creating new ways to sustain the family through technology and remote services. He inspired her to recognize that where she'd needed their aid for so long, she'd be able to return the favor, and so she rallied behind the cause of supporting her family and helping others.


Unwilling to relent since the discovery of her family's sacrifices, Eloise had grown into a very changed woman who was known for putting others' needs before her own. Her family's diligence and teamwork paid off, allowing them to attain the wealth and status that would have helped in her early years, and while she definitely benefitted from this, she charged herself with independence above all else, setting off on her own to ensure that she could fend for her own needs and not burden those she loved. At times, she is taken aback by the revelation that others in the world are not as driven or kind as her relatives, proving herself to be perhaps even more gullible than she was as a child, though she does what she can to overcome unforseen challenges with a steady willingness to persist. Still, she can be whimsical, studying topics out of passion, and pursuing work that she believes to be righteous, regardless of how much it actually pays.


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