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Eloise, otherwise known as Apricus Cordae is considered to be psionic in any verse that allows it. In time, I will consider adding on to this to detail power variations, different verses, and more. The limitations and strength of her power may vary depending on verse and the conditions present, though in most cases, the description and limitations are as follows.

  • Apricus is capable of interacting, lifting, moving, and throwing objects without physically interacting with them if they are visible to her, and within 300 feet of her person.
    • These objects must be something she can physically lift. Using her psionic power on objects that are too heavy or throwing them too hard has similar drawbacks to her body as muscle strain does, and it will also strain her mind.
    • Particles or liquids like sand or water can be scattered or tossed, but she lacks the finesse to manipulate individual particles, and so they will fall.
  • If Apricus is intimately familiar with an object or location, she may interact with them if they are not visible, provided that she knows their exact location and position.
    • If she fails to know the location or exact position, her attempt to grasp will have the same effect as one does reaching around in the dark, or she may lift/manipulate the item incorrectly.
  • Apricus may hurl small items at great velocity, creating dangerous weapons out of seemingly harmless items. She may also stop or catch items hurled at her, or redirect their velocity.
    • In the event the item is too large/heavy, the same restriction as above applies. Furthermore, she will sustain additional damage related to the force/speed the object was moving.
    • Causing anything to move at bullet-like speeds will have severe physical consequences on her body.
    • Attempting to stop bullet-like projections outright will have the same consequences as if she was shot. Redirecting them has lesser consequences, but she will still sustain injury.
  • Apricus is capable of levitating her own body, and with added velocity, this may appear as flying.
    • She requires having a phyiscal surface (ground, building, water) that she can 'push' off of, or she will not be able to sustain the lift.
    • While she is capable of lifting her own body with little effort and bypassing the usual restrictions of her power for this, she must lift other person/s as if she were carrying their full weight.
  • Significant breaks in concentration, such as distraction or injury may cause her to lose focus. Anything she is lifting or levitating will be dropped, including her own body.
    • Notably, the last thing to fall is generally her own body. In dire circumstances, she may maintain a single focus, losing control over everything else.
  • Overuse and abuse of her power, such as lifting too much, or even too often has physical consequences upon her body, and may even lead to heart and brain damage.
    • Critical injury is possible, as well as death in chronic cases.


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