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Guidelines | Very important. (Q and A)
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1. I'm very quit- friendly.  You can drop out of the roleplay any time by telling me exactly what it is. I'm willing to try out new ideas or unless if life takes over then I understand,  continue an other day.

2.  I nagotiate:  Since nagotiation with a roleplayer is important,  it can be crucial to understand what my partners needs as well, not just mine.   Together we can improvise an idea from one of mine or yours or completly out of scratch.

3.  If a roleplay is not working properly,  please do not block me for it:   I have issues that I missunderstand people and English is not my second language.   However,  if the issue is not resolved then we can do this from scratch because I ain't no quiter!

4.  Please be reasonable. 

5.  Toxicity, Racism or discrimination of real life-induviduals or such will not be tolerated!

6.  I'm a forgiving roleplayer,  people make mistakes all the time.


Q and A:

-- Why does your character revolve around Nesy?

Yes, I understand what the problem is,  but the plots I use have different characters under the same name,  but also it you may see that it can be be geared towards one.   This is why I tend to improvise those plots.   Let me explain.   Those plots are original but also they can be improved and improvised in a roleplay.  I send an idea to you and we discuss what we can add.   If you are not happy with it,  then what implementations do you want to improve the plot? We can certainly do that.  I'm nagotiatior ya know.   We improvise, collaborate and that's what we do!

--  However,  do you mind roleplaying with someone adult , older or younger?

I absoloutly do not mind!  I roleplay with everyone as long as the user and me are comfortable with the current situation and the roleplay.  I'm willing to comprimise so that things do not go overboard.    However,  if this is due to age gap I certainly understand and you may move on with your day.  If you're interested while being older then 18,  then it's fine to be honest!  As long as we both agree to being PG-15/13.      Being younger then 18? I dont mind either. 

If you read all of this:   Interested then? If not,  thanks for reading and good luck with finding a partner...
If you are interested in collaborating / roleplaying then make sure you comment down bellow:  "ONE FOR ALL" / or in my pms!

Thank you! :D



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