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Character 1: Nesy Celvius (Medieval-Fantasy edition)

Name: Nesy
Last name: Celvius
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Celvestian (Human-Mutant) / (Medieval version of my Celvestian race.)
Faction: Rouge
Place of origin: Remote/Unknown Village
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Eyes: Partial Heterochromia: Blue,Green,Yellow,Red,Purple

Personality: Nesy in a way is very upbeat but could be calm and a happy person because of his parent's growth. He's like an eccentric person who's acting differently from other people, he usually wants to be in the spotlight at the right moment but Nesy also refrains from doing things that are wrong or considered to be unethical. He's a very happy person but also kind towards other people. Nesy usually doesn't like things that are causing a negative impact on things and therefore wants to improve and continue to strive and never give up! Nesy does have respect for his elders and superiors too. He's loyal towards his friends and always stays by their side but also not annoying them as well. Sometimes Nesy is very awkward but is very reasonable when it comes to being rational. He's very intelligent and when it comes to actually plan things out. He's a little independent sometimes and shares his feelings but can also hide them due to other issues if he doesn't trust a person.  He's also quite philospical and has perspectives out of some theories that could be interesting,  boundries between evil and good plus all that etc. 


(Life-force production): Nesy produces life force and acts as a battery for things that drain his soul as it can be constantly filled, this is a racial trait that gives semi-immortality but also protection against, things like life-draining in terms of energy obviously. He has high-resistance to that.

(Charm-immunity:) His racial abilities are also that they can also be immune to charm or enslavement which the effect is completely nullified.

(Pyrokenisis): Nesy is able to manipulate and cast-bolts of fire up to 30M away and can form constructs that are 5M x 5M x 5M, that's weapons or objects. The range of manipulation is 10FT. He is immune towards his fire but not others obviously! 3 TURNS UPTIME, 3 TURNS COOLDOWN.

(Electrokenisis): Nesy is able to manipulate and cast-bolts of electricity up to 90M away and can form constructs that are 5M x 5M x 5M, that's weapons or objects. The range of manipulation is 10FT. He is immune towards his electricity but not others obviously! 3 TURNS UPTIME, 3 TURNS COOLDOWN.


Not proficient in long-range combat when it comes to having arrows or bows. Preferably he's mid-range or close-range.
Nesy may have a case of Atypical Autism but is now outgrown but he still has it.
Nesy sensitive and has trauma due to his past and can sometimes take things too seriously thus sometimes he may act immature in battle.
Fire manipulation can be countered by itself by using pyromancy or by either water or splashing it at him to extinguish flames.
Electromanipulation could be countered by non-conductive objects, thus adding weakness towards dark-magic as he is more susceptible to it.
Nesy releases a predatory smell that is sweet that might attract vampires but also radiates an aura so that it may ruin his stealth against people who sense his powers or smells his blood.

Appearance: (In the picture)

Race description: Celvestians are evolved from humans and have been mutated into beings that look identical but have interesting characteristics, most commonly that their eyes are heterochromatic or pupils that have different colours than the regular human. Even has reported that they've gotten extra-limbs or eyes but those are extremely rare cases. Their DNA has been altered to work in Quad-Helix or even Hexa-Helix which miraculously breaks biology a bit in a sense as it's theoretically bonded together somehow and that means the DNA has 6-4 backbones or helixes instead of two helixes. They've been there for about as long as humans have existed but they have been very few at that time. They are still quite rare to find if you know what I mean. As they have racial traits similar to vampires that they have agelessness but they do not require blood because their lifespans have increased a ton due to their mutational traits and mysterious abilities that come with it. In terms of Magic, they are specialised with manipulation of elements as well.


Nesy Celvius is a Celvestian who is a lone traveller. He loved his parents in his young ages and has been raised in a family with love and care. Even spoiling him sometimes in rare cases but he managed to overcome it. He had travelled to many places and mapped out things that he has never seen. He left his village when he was 17 and he had visited many places throughout the world and is an adventurer who is ambitious and his will is close to unbreakable. His village, unfortunately, got destroyed and has nowhere to live. So thus now he has to live by himself, without any parents at all and when he had escaped the village he would continue his voyage through the land. He had traveled through seas and discovered many things that his people would’ve thought extra-ordinary. At a few occasions, he had fought monsters and beasts which he would defend himself against these. Then he had encountered random beings that chased Nesy without any sense of manners. It seemed to be rather lonely. In dark times, Nesy felt like his parents weren’t there for him anymore. He feels loneliness in times of trouble and the memories felt like it would consume him. As the time of dawn came, he realised that he had to fight on as he couldn’t sulk in one corner for all eternity. He didn’t give in, he decided to continue fighting like a man he was and with sweat and tears but also lost blood. Nesy had travelled throughout forests and meet so many animals as well which made him be able to cope with the extreme loneliness but it filled him with joy as these animals would be aside him but also birds. It felt like, a sign from the gods or something and as if everything had been fixed. It felt like a wound in his heart that just healed but the scars will remain intact. These scars are points of his life where he was in trouble. Now to this day, he continues to travel and meet people of all kinds. It was the passion that made him fight on for his life and continue standing up to no matter what threat. His personality formed him to be wise and self-knowledgeable but also very interested in some sorts of philosophy. Celvestians are mutants that are quad-helix based and are altered to work in a configuration like that. They are descendants from humans and have somehow mysteriously mutated through the decades and generations.



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