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09/24/2020 01:21 PM 

Character 2: Modern-Fantasy edition ( Can be used for isekai)


Name: Nesy Celvius

Age: 18

Race: Human

LOC-B: Sweden

TI-OB: 24th april 

Height: 64.2" (163 cm)

Weight: 125.0 lbs (56.7KG)

Eye Colors: Heterochromia (Blue,Green,Yellow,Red)

Profession: Adventurer 

Political Ideology/Stance: Social Democracy | Reformist | Egalitarian(Pro-equality) (Center-left) 


Personality: Nesy is a person who is philosophical and always wonders about life's creation. Why people think the way they do. He is eccentric, meaning that he is a guy who's very nice because of his parent's growth and that he acts differently from other people. He has a tendency for seeking knowledge and is quite politically engaged. Nesy is also a type of dude who wants to improve and wants a good self image of himself and how others see him as. He doesn't want to be in the spotlight sometimes, but selectively he kind of does. He's quite kind and loves meeting new faces but also wants a rightful and just world in the future. He loves the fact that the world changes for the better good of humanity, a good future where people can thrive. Nesy, does display a lot of intelligence meaning he is always there to challange new arguments and new things when he needs to. He's a bit of an extrovert, but also has the energy from himself too. 




Electro Manipulation:    Nesy can be able to manipulate electricity up to 5 meters and can be able to create weapons that are 2x2x2M made out of this.**

Fire-manipulation:  Can be able to manipulate fire up to 5 meters and be able to create weapons up to 2x2x2M made out of this condensed form of fire.

(Passive) Compensator:  When Nesy gets hit by a magical spell,  25% of the power will be reflected back to the user as a soulbinding force.     He gets affected by 75% of the total power output in this case.  This ability activates when Nesy is hit with magic force and not physical means of force while the ability has 2 turns(posts) of a cooldown.  As a compensation for damage he gets a boost of 20 Mph for 1 turn.

(Passive) Life force production:  Nesy produces life force which makes him essentially immune to being sucked out of life force.  However,  the life-force production stops when he does die. 

(Passive)  Charm immunity:  Self-explanatory,  he’s immune to charm-magic. 




-- Has a minor case of atypical autism


-- Fire gets countered by water apparently.


-- Electricity gets countered by objects that do counter electricity.


-- Nesy is proficient with low/mid range weapons such as swords and shields. Nesy is quite trash at archery since he is a spellsword-class. 


-- The ability is able to be countered by itself.


-- While the compensator offers him a speed boost, it becomes harder to control when running away since it gives a huge push of speed and can therefore be overshoot. 


-- Nesy’s more potent to dark magic as it seemingly damages him more,  but thanks to the compensator it does damage the other user as well.   However Nesy is neutral to lighter forms of magic.    



Nesy grew in a modern life with his parents, they were wonderful and learned him a lot of things that someone could dream of. They even had access to information and books that taught him a lot about how humans and people interact, think and so on. In his life he had learned a lot of things through his life. Graduated school, wanting to become an aspiring politician. His parents died out of old age unfortunately and Nesy got the house basically for himself where he would take care of himself. He mourned the death of his parents and will never forget what they thought him, "Stay strong." which promoted Nesy in working hard to achieve his goals because he had nobody else that would take care of him. He is unfortunately uninformed about the war because he usually has the time for himself and sometimes is a person who isn't in a group thought but it mostly independent because in his past he had developed new ideas through subjective and intersubjective meaning. He got into politics when he was 15 years old and studied this for 3 years straight while he continued to study it , he loved the idea of a state where capitalism is regulated with a strong safety net, progressive taxes and so on while also using political processes to reform capitalism instead of replacing it. He knows the ideas of communism, socialism and feudalism. His social democratic agenda was not openly spoken about What adventures would this individual get through and what will he achieve? The story begins here, with him.   Despite being centered around politics he is also willing to understand how people have different views. 


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