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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 22
Country: United States

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October 13, 2020


10/15/2020 12:16 PM 

Ichigo's Bio

Full Name Ichigo Abyss

Name Translation: Strawberry Abyss



Nickname: Ichi

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Rank: Princess of Ichigo Clan (Medevil, clan rps only)

Species: Strawberry Tanuki

Zodiac: Cancer

Birthday: 7/11/97

Birth Place: Barn

Blood Type: O-

Occupation: Librarian / Dryad 



Usual Form- Strawberry Cow

Build: Curvy

Height: 4'0

Fur: Cream, Grey

Fur length: 3inch

Hair Color: Black & white

Hair Length: Mid-back

Hair Style: Bun

Eyes: Blue

Markings: Spots

Other Forms: Any other form will be described but will always be a strawberry form and 4ft tall



Everyday: Green & Purple Kimono 



Piercings: Ears

Jewelry: Earrings

Purse/ Satchel: Backpack

Water Bottle/Flask: Waterbottle

Stuffies: Elephant, Cow, Shark

Misc: Coloring books, crayons, fidget cube,



General  Health: Healthy

Glasses/ Contacts: Contacts

Fertility: High Rate

Breast Growth from milk: Half past ribs

Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Alcohol: Yes



Likes: Apples, snacks, plushies, soft fuzzy things, cuddles, sweets, sharks

Dislikes: Sour things, mean people, sharp things, 



Personality: Ichigo is shy and quiet but friendly if approached kindly if not or treated poorly she will use her tactical mindset against her enemy she doesn’t have much strength but her mental intellect is quite high (more to come) 



  Forms-Shark, Bat, Elf, Dragon, Demoxagon, Bunny, Doe, Cat, Fox

Strengths: Shape-Shifting, Strategist, High intellect 

Weaknesses: Little strength most of her strength is in her legs

Habits: Holding her favorite shark plushie,



Fruit: Apple

Veggie: Carrots

Food: Salad No dressing

Drink: Apple Juice

Hot Drink: Hot cocoa with whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, topped with a toasted marshmellow

Alcoholic Drink: Apple Tini

Desserts: Chocolate or Strawberry Pocky

Snacks: Cookies, Goldfish, pretzel bites

Color: Purple and Pink and Blue

Instrument: Flute 



Optimist / Pessimist: Optimist

Daredevil / Cautious: Cautious

Logical / Emotional: Mix

Disorderly / Neat: Neat

Working / Relaxing: Relaxing

Confident / Unsure: Mix

Naughty / Nice: Nice

Dominate / Submissive: Switch


Modern Backstory

Ichigo’s father was a Tanuki while her mother was a strawberry cow. Her father tricked her mother appearing as a chocolate bull they mated and Ichigo was born as half of each of them. Ichigo received no physical traits from her father other than his eyes which were a ocean blue. Ichigo received the rest of her physical traits from her mother. As for unique traits she received one from her mother and many from her father from her mother she received the ability to produce strawberry milk or chocolate milk. From her father, she received transformation magic. After Ichigo’s mother had passed the rest of the strawberry herd had bullied her into leaving. Once Ichigo was exiled due to her strange ability to produce strawberry and chocolate milk she had gone on her own way into another town. She had sold her unique milk to get her new life started, after a while of doing this she owned the library and had a milk business.



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