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Hero's Full Bio

Name: Herorian “Hero” Time
Alias: Thanatos (Formally)
Status: Prince (Hates It)
Sex: Male
Birthday: April 1, 1996
Birthplace: Hyrule City
Age: 16 - 30
Race: Part Hylian, Part Human, Part Neko (No Physical Appearances)
Height: 6' 1" (By the age of 25)
Weight: Roughly 200lbs. (Mostly muscle/By the age of 25)
Sexuality: Straight
Parents: Li Ace Time (Father; Died before Hero’s birth), Kya Time (Mother; Died when Hero was 5)
Family: Zoe Time (Aunt; Twin Sister to Li Time), Evilian Time (Cousin; Son to Zoe; Older by 6 months)
Inspirations: Legend of Zelda, The Dresden Files, FullMetal Alchemist, bits and pieces of other media


Hero is a tall young man with naturally long blond hair. However, he tends to dye his hair a deep forest green color and leaves it a spiky mess. His eyes are a deep blue and his skin a nice cream color. He usually has piercings all over his face and wears many necklaces with different charms, bracelets, and rings, all metal. He always wears torn black clothes, black steel toed combat boots, and a long black leather trench coat. If you look hard enough, or if the light is just right, you can spot metal hidden under his clothes. He has an alternate form thanks to the Denarian named Namshiel, giving him a skeletal form, his skin stretched thin over his bones. He also has a pair of glowing green eyes that open up when he takes on Namshiel’s form.


A real a**hole to others, he only ever thinks of himself. In his gang years, he was ruthless and didn't care about others, treating most like property. As he travels, he grows to be more caring and even opens up to those close to him. As he grows, he learns to protect others. Despite that, he will not hesitate to kill a threat.


Hero was the son of a great hero who died saving their land of Hyrule before he was born. Because of this, the people expected him to be just as wonderful and successful. This irritated him. In retaliation, Hero, along with his cousin Evilian, started a gang. By the time they were 15, their gang were the most dangerous and powerful group in Hyrule. Under the alias Thanatos, Hero struck fear upon the people.

As a gang leader, Hero ruled with an iron fist. Then he turned 17 and everything changed. An old tradition was for young boys when they turn 17 would attempt to draw the legendary blade from its resting place. Egged on by his cousin as a sort of joke, the two attempted to do so. Evilian failed, but Hero succeeded.

Confused, Hero left Hyrule. He met Rashid, a senior member of the White Council of Wizards, while traveling through the fairy realm. Rashid guided him to Chicago where he met another wizard of the White Council, Harry Dresden. After training under Harry for a short time, Hero started traveling, exploring rifts as he found them.

It was shortly after departing Chicago that Hero made a new companion. Thorned Namshiel is a Fallen Angel and member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. Once Hero touched the coin he inhabited, Namshiel entered into his mind and began to talk with him, tempt him into accepting his offer for power. Namshiel has since become an ally though Hero still doesn’t completely trust him.

As he traveled, Hero encountered an underground organization known as the Black Hand Blades. He learned that they were organized all over the world and through time. The mystery of the organization has plagued Hero as he traveled the world.

Hero’s Powers:

Rift Manipulation - Rifts are everywhere but they mostly go unnoticed and are mostly harmless. Hero possess a rare ability to open these rifts through space and time. The drawback is that he has no control of when or where the rifts will take him, and most are one way trips.

Alchemy - Hero has studied the art of using alchemy. As a result of a failed forbidden transmutation, Hero has gained the ability to transmute without a circle.

Metal Manipulation - Hero's signature ability is his use of metal. With a permanent transmutation amulet embedded within his chest, Hero is able to shape metal around him to form weapons or shields.

Magic - Hero developed his magical abilities around the age of 13, but never really was formally trained in it until much later. It's believed that this magical ability is what allowed him to master alchemy and open rifts.

Namshiel’s Powers:

Magic - Namshiel is a master sorcerer with many spells that are both enhancements to Hero’s powers and unique on their own. He can absorb other magical attacks as well as nullifying other’s magical abilities.


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