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October 15, 2020


10/15/2020 07:46 PM 


I know. Rules. Ugh. But I've been RPing on and off for about 15 years and you realize that they are needed. Don't be afraid of them. I can be pretty loose with them.

1. Be Patient.
I have a full time job that keeps be busy all day during the week. I work on an assembly line and can be pretty tired when I get home. I also can't really use my phone very much at work so I mostly reserve it to just chatting on Discord occassionally. All that being said, I usually will be on the site at nights and/or on weekends and on Discord mostly all the time.

2. Be Active.
What drives me up the walls the most is people adding me and never talking. If I'm just going to be a number to you, then don't bother. If you just want to post pictures and not RP, I am not the person to add. If I add you or you add me, I expect us to RP. If something comes up and you can't respond to an RP, just a quick message will do. I watch the status stream also, so you can post something there. If you've lost interest in the RP or don't really like where it is going or have a problem with my post, let me know. We can work things out.

3. Be Legible.
Rather you do one lines, two lines, a book, try and be legible. You don't have to be perfect but I don't want to try and have to figure out what you're trying to tell me, in or out of character. I'm not perfect myself, but I try and make my posts understandable. (I often rewrite replies if I don't like how it's worded before I send it.)

4. Be Nice.
My character is an a**hole. I, mostly, am not in real life. Don't take anything I do in character personally. I am here to have fun and build stories, not to piss people off. So don't come at me for being so hateful or mean. If you don't like my character or the response in the RP, let me know. We can either work things out or just part ways.

5. Discord.
The Discord account I have posted is my RP account. You can chat or RP with me on there. Keep in mind though that all my rules here apply to there too.

You are not required to sign, but if you have suggestions or notice any errors, please leave a comment. These are all my rules for now and may add more later if I think of some.


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