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October 30th, 2020

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April 01, 2020


10/16/2020 06:21 PM 

Moon Lord’s Rules

I've decided that no one seems to understand what Roleplaying is actually about. So I've taken upon myself to come up with rules which I expect you to follow I'm done playing nice if your not going to care than don't bother adding me.

1πŸŒ™ If you decided to add me I expect you to be drama free, I've had a couple instances where there was on particular person adding multiple accounts just to cause drama. I'm protective of the friend I have and will bend over back wards for them if I find out there's drama in the chats. You will be deleted, reported and blocked.
2πŸŒ™ if you're seriously looking for numbers just to make your account look like your active and fun your waiting your time with me I'm not here for numbers. I'm here to have a connection with everyone and grow the fan base. 
3πŸŒ™ my biggest pet peeve is when someone makes an account, adds you just to not chat and than doesn't bother to ever come back to their account. Seriously don't bother doing that your waisting precious space for everyone including my self. I won't hesitate to delete you. 
4πŸŒ™ I am a multipara writer which means my paragraphs will get to four if I come up with a lot of ideas. I hate one liners and I've noticed there's a lot of it so if your one of those people don't bother looking at me I won't accept you. 
5πŸŒ™ now I've become quiet selective now...there's to many of one character out there and I don't need three Kagome's or five inuyasha's I am looking for mains who are willing to write so I've dwindled down the options. 
6πŸŒ™ As for my self and best for everyone else I will be adding a list of roles that are open once their filled I won't need more. I'm always open for AU'S and other characters made up for the series. 

if y'all are good with my rules leave a comment 


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