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Notes from the admin


Futaba Sakura is very dear to me. Her story was compelling, tear-jerking, and just well done. At least in my opinion. The entire game of Persona 5 was a phenomenal experience that gripped me in ways that I didn't think a video game ever would again. It validated the hobby of playing video games for me, I've never been one of those "oh, once you get to a certain age, you shouldn't play video games anymore" sort of people. I just noticed that as I grew up, I didn't enjoy them anymore and I thought that was apart of video games in general. 

And then, Persona 5 happened. I didn't even play it until October 2019. Three YEARS after it initially released. I bought the game, booted it up and just got immersed in it. I stayed up until 5am playing this game when I had to work at 9am and then I'd just call off of work so I could continue playing it. This game was so good... I almost lost my job. I lied and told my bosses that I was calling off due to problems at home and depression. 

F*** no, I just wanted to play Persona 5. The point is. I love this game, I love the universe, I love the characters. 

BUT. I also love writing and, at least for me, it's hard to plot something out in the persona verse. So, a lot of the time I am going to try and make AU stories and dive into other universes. Futaba is going to be the same, but she'll be different. I am not against a world where she never met any of the other characters from Persona. I am perfectly comfortable sticking Futaba into the world of Naruto, or Bleach, or My Hero Academia. I will work-out various abilities for each specific verse as they come up and I hope I don't get any flak for this. 

I am playing Futaba Sakura, yes... and her story is always going to be apart of her. Her mother will always be dead, she'll always feel guilty and consider herself the blame for her supposed suicide. Sojiro will always be her guardian. But the Phantom Thieves wont always be apart of her life, in fact, that's going to be the case more often than not. That doesn't mean I'm against writing with other Phantom Thieves or characters from Persona. But, I am not going to limit MY Futaba to just Persona. It'll be more fun for me that way.

That's all I have for now! C: Let's have some fun! 


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