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Dark Kobayash (Multi)

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October 31st, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 27
Country: United States

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June 12, 2013


10/17/2020 12:58 PM 

Dark Kobayashi

Name: Dark Kobayashi
Gender: Male

Species:Half Lust-Demon
Race: Mix Asian
Height: 5'8/6'1
weight: 125lbs /150lbs
Hair:Black with dyed red/blue streaks
Eye:  black Turns Red
Skin: pale white
Physic: thin as a rail, with a pouchy stomach.
Details: No body hair
Ablilites:Mild Reality warping, body modifcation, mind control, object creation, mind reading, anything that allows him to bring out lust in others. A form of 'wish fulfilment' for himself or others. Able to increase or decrease desire.

Dark to himself is a normal Student. He goes to school and work a light part time job at a conviance store. His Mother died a few years ago and he never knew his father. He lives alone in his Mother's house bored out of his mind on most nights. He was never very bold, and doesn't have the time to scolicalize. The free time he has he does homework ot endulge in video games. He lived a normal calm life free from excitement and he didn't mind it too much.

Young: Untill one day something stange happened. His father's blood started to manifest itself. Being healthy man he thought he was use to his bodily desires but one morning he woke up with a sesire he had never felt before. Things began to bend to his slightlest lustful will. Wanting his c*ck bigger it happens, a bit more muscle he has it. A young Demon with no fine control of his new found ablities yet.

Older: After a few years he learned to control his ablities and powers. He maintains his slender appearnce for the most part. Though sometimes he still reacts to people strong desires around him. Entices people feeds off their desires and lust granting their desires and leaving them.


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