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10/17/2020 05:26 PM 

A different Todoroki Story

Name: Touya Todoroki 

Name Meaning: Peach Tree and Arrow || A loud nose sounds and crackles

Hero/Villain Name: Dabi (It's rather a vigalante name in this AU) 

Reason for hero/villain name: It goes well with his quirk, in fact just the name of his quirk "Cremation". To the point and nothing else was elected. Other than his friend who tends to call him Aohoshi (Or Blue Star) 

Age: 26

Affiliation(s): His own, flip flopping to the highest payer

Quirk: Cremation 

Blood type: A

Ethnicity: Japanese 

Personality: A dark outlook on life and trauma for days he comes across as a sarcastic ass hole most of the time, if not all of the time. Getting close to people is not something he does, the ability to do that was destroyed around the age of ten. If anything his kindness is just parroted from teen shows because he know everyone just wants to hear those sweet words. Unless you have money you'll only ever get that side of him- and no I don't mean he's a prostitute, whether he can even have sexual attraction to anyone remains to be seen. 

Height: 6'0 (6'2 in boots) 

Weight: 150lbs

Eye Color: Turquoise 

Hair color: Snow White 

Complexion: Previously perfect, but has been distorted throughout the years by scars. 


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