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Carmen Sandiego 🌎

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December 4th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 39
Country: United States

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April 22, 2018


11/19/2020 10:48 PM 

Detective Sandiego AU

Detective Sandiego:

Her past is the same as normal. However her sense of justice was stronger then her boredom, so she never became a thief.

Being a detective she is more suspicious of people during a first meeting. Her personality has a lot of overlap with her thief self. She is the same person just a more idealistic and innocent version.
Depending on if she is under 20 (She joined ACME at 17)or not she may be quicker to anger. At 20 she was partnered with Detective Suahara till his retirement, and he taught her about the value of patience.
She is stubborn to a fault, however if she does admit she made a mistake she will begrudgingly apologize. It may not sound sincere but it is. She doesn’t lie, and will defend her friends with her life.
As a detective she refuses to carry a weapon unless she is made to. And just telling her to doesn’t count.

~Maybe more details to come.~


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