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11/19/2020 10:14 PM 


Name: Rai Shirakumo
Name Meaning: Thunder and Lightning/ Hazy
Age: 23 
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10 
Species: Nomu
D.O.B: July 12th 1997
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Occupation: Vigilante/ electrician 

Skin tone: light 
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Hazel 
Tattoo(s): A barcode on the back of her neck
Piercings: Tongue, ears, nipples, belly button, Christina piercing. 
Scars: A lightning bolt going from the base of her neck to her tail bone. 

Personality: A real spitfire she can be, just like her elder brother Oboro. Friendly and bubbly, simply asking for the spotlight whenever she can have it, even happy to share it. No matter what side she plays she makes friends... or close to friends. An easy way to her heart is simple gift giving, if your a colder person it can be smaller but big gestures might get her to knock out a whole cities power. People might call her a Yandere with how emotionally unstable she can appear but she won't kill everyone just for one person. She can't be played that easily. There is a twisted side of her though, she was engineered that way after all. An escaped Nomu can't surpress it's urges forever. 

Quirk Note: (Though multi-quirk she does not know how to get more or that she even has the ability) 

Quirk: Storm; Similar to Oboro she has control of an element in the sky, lightning, and thunder. Creating lightning is her specialty and she can use thunder to similar sonic booms out of her feet and hands, but only when it comes into contact with someone or something. Using the ability makes storm clouds come above her and make a huge spectical so it is not good for sneaking around if she needs her full power. 
Drawback(s): The only one she's been able to find is the spreading of her scar and the pain it causes. Though it doesn't spread fast it does feel like something is burning her and splitting her skin for the scar if used too much. 

Mother: Unknown 
Father: Kyudai Garaki (The man who created her) 
Siblings: Oboro Shirakumo (Biologically but is not exactly aware of it) 


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