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November 30th, 2020

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November 20, 2020


11/20/2020 04:29 PM 

Rules and Tid Bits


Rules and Tid Bits

  1. Totally a dude.  Like your bog standard bearded no life loser dude.  No basement which is a plus. 
  2. No God mode or autoing.  I like to make things as fair as I can.  I will never control your character and I don’t wish for mine to be controlled.  That is unless permission is first given for story beats and such.  
  3. Erp...sure why not?  All, both, Every I’m not too shy on that end.  Some topics may need to be discussed as some of the more drastic fetishes are WAY to fringe for me, so ask if you know your kink to be a bit risque.  
  4. Not looking to get to private IRl with anyone.  Would prefer any drama be left to the characters.  Everyone’s got their demons and I wish to handle my own first before tackling others.  Of course I've been known to let up on this rule but I got to like ya before you start spilling your guts.  If it seems a little careless and apathetic...it is.  I've tried HARD to grow out of and get away from the Highschool B*llsh*it that follows everyone around.  So ya I hope you understand.  
  5. Dieing for that old school group rp from back in the day.  I’m talking about Majin's Vs The Dark Empire stuff.  If you know what this means then you're a veteran in my book. :D
  6. Be chill and laid back.  If we have beef feel free to unfriend me.  Easy peasy and all that.  
  7. Even with the pandemic I have work.  Replies may be slow.  I think something like this is in everyones rules section but to just give a heads up. 

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Majins vs dark empire brings me back. Still, not much of a good writer but I know way more than I had back then.

Posted on Nov 21st 2020 - 2:29 AM

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