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December 1st, 2020

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November 22, 2020


11/22/2020 02:42 PM 

New Rulez

1. I multiship, with  who  I  want, when I want.  

2. I write  what I want,  when  I  want.

3. I write  a b a d a s s Broad who  has flaws and  knows  she does, She's  also  got a PHD in Psychology  and  knows  how  to  use  it  against  her  foes, she's  brains and brawns. 

4. I  am  always  in character, unless  expressed  otherwise. 

5. If you're  depresso, here's  some Expresso- as in if you can't  differentiate  between  the character and  the  writer, see ya! 


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