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September 25, 2017


01/09/2011 08:05 PM 

Osiris Malik Devinti (Ascendant Version)


Osiris Malik Devinti
Aliase(s): Desecrator of Heaven
Age: 1,927
Birthday: July 8th
Sign: Cancer, Dragon
Bloodtype: O-
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt


Race: Demonized God / Angel (non-human)
Height: 6'
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Short
Eye Color: Silver
Distinguishing Features: His eyes give away wich "mode" he's in. Silver is his base state, a red ring in his pupils is a sign of danger, full red is berserk mode, and gold is divine mode. 
Skin tone: Lightly sun-kissed
Scars / Birthmarks: none


Positive traits: 
clever, creative, honest
Negative traits: sketchy (as hell), secretive, antagonistic, sadist

- Everyone he's ever truly loved has been killed.
- Has a fear of failing to protect someone due to past traumas.
- His mother and his wife were killed by angels, hence his absolute hatred for them.
- Is never openly hostile.
- Knowledge seeker. 
- Willing to teach others if they have potential.
- Will experiment on others.


- Veteran Combatant: Has over 1900 years of fighting experience (to the death).
- Assassin: Has learned the art of assassination from his human servant.
- Sexual Stamina and Endurance: Regularly f***s his succubus servant into submission. 
- Capable of Flight, by using magic or his wings.
- Jeweler: Loves making jewelry and will sometimes give his creations to others as a sign of goodwill and respect.
- Artist: Paints in secret.
- Mercantile: Always seems to have something that someone wants.


- Has studied and mastered a wide variety of magics and magical languages, but he specializes in:
Ice Magic - Exactly what you can think or imagine it is.
Soul - Transfer, binding, conversion, destruction
Spatial - displacement, portals, dimensional transfer, manipulation
Holy - Healing, purification, and resurrection. (good luck getting him to revive anyone)
Enchanting - He can add magic properties to non-magial items or remove them all the same.
Sealing - Weaves multilayered spells to create and destroy seals. His prison is one of his strongest types of sealing magic. 

- The feathers of his wings hold magic of their own.
His white feathers can purify or protect and can form into swords of light that he can wield or control freely.
His black feathers can corrupt souls and form into daggers.

- His natural affinity is fire magic, for which he was peerless, but he himself sealed it. 

The Void:

Osiris' personal realm of densely concentrated magic that feeds off of those who enter it: blood, souls, vitality, or magic, it'll decide on it's own what it wants. 

- Currently a place of blessing because of his excessive feeding of angels to it, which makes it dangerous to vampires, undead, and demons, himself included. 
- An excellent training ground for mages since it helps with fine-tuning magic control.
- Strengthens magic abilities through a cycling process that can be highly taxing and dangerous if not regulated correctly.
- The only ones capable of enterring it are Osiris himself and those he brings in through his portal. 
- Also accounts for nearly two thirds of his magic pool.

Bonus Trivia:

- Intimate with Death - Has been killed twice, but self-revives. Also, had his heart eaten the second time around. Don't ask him.
- Instructor: Enjoys teaching people to realize their potential in the arcane arts.
- Detriment to Himself: Holds back constantly, if not always in combat situations.
- Son of Anubis: Due to his heritage, he is very knowledgeable about death, judgement, and souls.
- Prison Warden: Owns and runs a prison that he keeps in the astral plane that houses both criminals and his research projects. 
- Weapon of choice is a kusarigama or his ethereal chains.
- The owner of a few black books known as the Books of Sin, which are of unknown origin. Owns the books for Wrath, Envy, and Greed.



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