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01/10/2021 01:01 PM 

Please read my RP Rules
Category: Guidelines

1) No drama, bullying, hate, political discussions or basically anything personal when ooc: I would like to keep real life issues seperate from the role play and fantasy world.

2) No erotica play and sexual dms and comments. You will immediately be blocked. 

3) I am open to crossovers, however, I prefer to plan a storyline with them before jumping into a role play, especially if I don't know much about your character that you are playing.  I still need to figure out a plot where my character would fit into that world. 

This really isn't a rule, but it is just more of a note to consider. I understand that everyone has different timezones and have lives, however, please try and respond when you have the time. I really get frustrated when I try and put effort into my replies and I get ghosted. However, there will be days that my replies may not be as amazing, but I will try my best. If you are bored with a storyline we are working on or you are unsure about something, please discuss that with me and let me know.  I would rather you keep me informed than get no response at all. 

Anyways, that is everything for now. I will look forward to role playing with you all soon.

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Tony Tony Chopper



Posted on Jan 10th 2021 - 1:37 PM

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