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January 27th, 2021

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Gender: Male

Age: 25
Country: United Kingdom

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January 13, 2021


01/13/2021 02:05 PM 

Rolayn Du Gwelon

Personal Information

Name: Rolayn Du Gwelon
Race: Human (Bretonnia)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Occupation: Questing Knight



 Born the fifth son of Reynard Du Gwelon, Rolayn was raised as all his siblings were, as a knight of Bretonnia. His house, descended from those noble knights who cast off the madness of Merovech in the year 835, or 1813 by Imperial Calendar, serves the lords of Lyonesse, their holds and peasantry fixated on the borders of the cursed Dukedom of Mousillon. Here, in their service, do the knights of Gwelon stand guard against the evils of this land, their duty to liege and Lady in Bretonnia. However, in the year 1541, 2519, a plot was discovered in the halls of Gwelon. It would seem that in their desire to watch over the lands of Mousillon, evil, in the form of accursed vampirism, had infected their very household. In a battle that saw the house of Gwelon tear itself apart, Rolayn would do battle with those members of his home that had given into the promise of eternal life, and ultimate damnation. When the dawn rose, and the last of the parasitic creatures had been slain or driven off into the darkness, only five members of Gwelon remained. Rolayn, his uncle Ducair, two cousins Albard and Thommas, and older brother, Leolair, would be the surviving men of their house, each carrying the shame of their traitorous kin. Upon that day, an accord would be made between the men, that, while Ducair, the eldest of the survivors, would remain to rebuild their hold in Lyonesse and explain their failure, the remaining sons would each forsake their claims upon the land, and seek forgiveness the only way they knew how. Atonement would come in The Quest for The Grail, and though it would be unlikely that any would gain the personal favour of The Lady, even the slightest chance of atonement could not be turned down, no matter the danger, no matter the challenge, they could not fail. Thus, with the honour of their lineage at stake, the men would set out, each upon their own quest to seek the fable Grail.



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