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01/27/2021 11:32 PM 

Jack Edward
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Jack Edward

Jack Edward is the name and pirate is the game. Don't give me that look i can feel it you think im not much of a pirate well that's what you think.  I have stole plenty of treasues for being a young pirate and yes i'm only eighteen. I was taking when i was just a child to be a cabin boy but when the ship was under attack by a other pirate crew they kill our captain and the rest of the crew was a little scared to take up the spot so i took it for them. Now i have to say it can be a overwhelm at times but i got one hell of a crew of guys and girls. Ill tell you what you bunch of Scallyswags you want to know more about me how about starting a rp with me and maybe ill give you a amazing buried treasure. HaHaHa


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