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Genshin Impact Male OC 1 - Umbra Archon
Category: Stories

Name: Syphon
Nicknames: Sy, Syph, The Umbra Archon, Starseer, Shadow Master
Age: 4000 years
Race: Archon (Umbra)
Gender: Male
Height: 5"9
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Short, dark teal that fades into a lighter shade.
Voice Claim: Trevor Devall (Specifically when he played Ravus from FFXV)
S/O: Bisexual, male lean, switch depending on his mood.
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Being the Umbra Archon.
Scars: A few on his torso from past battles.
Piercings: Ears, small teal hoops.
Tattoos: See image.
Weapon of Choice: His scythe "Raven" and Archon magic. 
Outfit/Clothes: See image.
Figure: Thin but fit, see image, lithe muscles.
Turn Ons: Attention to his neck, power displays, body worship, and much more.
Likes: Annoying the other Archons, instigating things from the shadows, his adepti, causing trouble for those on his sh*t list, people finding out who he is, meddling in human affairs (Specifically pissing off the "bad" factions).
Dislikes: People on his sh*t list, the Fos Archon, anyone that causes trouble for his adepti, boring humans.

Powers: Umbra elemental magic revolves around a lot of your typical shadow or dark magic, dark wisps of magical energy colored black with purple variations. Syphon's magic however is colored differently due to his true connection with it, having mastered its influence over his long life. You can see the color of his magic in his image. Very dark teal with red variations. Umbra has a wider connection to more than just "dark" magic, reaching into the night sky. Many creatures aligned with this element have a base of black with varying purple and white or silver starry patterns.

Personality: Syphon is a master manipulator and deceiver, believed to be dead by the other gods. He is conniving, convincing, sly and slippery to catch. Syphon holds an unusual kind of charm, a silver tongue perfected over time. Charismatic, dark, devious, intelligent and a good strategist, there are few who can best him. When he is present, he does nothing to hide his intimidating and unnerving presence. Bio: He has remained undetected due to the fact he weaved a web of lies to fake his death after he "killed" the Fos Archon. He has a long and bloody history with the Light God, the two having become enemies after a specific event. The wars and battles of the other Archons never interested Syphon, he found them childish and boring. He wasn't much surprised when the gods squabbles started influencing the humans who worshipped them. Thus his hobby of interfering with human conflicts began, tilting the balance back and forth depending on who has his favor at the time. He masquerades as a traveling bounty hunter and weapon enchanter, though his enchantments can be either a hindrance or blessing, depending on the person. He has a group of followers, known as the Silent Stars, that are hidden within each of the other God's factions. Since he is to be "dead" they receive orders from him through his adepti or by meeting in secrecy. Anyone caught eavesdropping is killed on sight to maintain their cover. Despite his reputation, he treats his followers well and rewards them with various perks or gifts of weapons.

Pets: He does have a dragon, Venemis, which takes the form of a drake most of the time.
Drake Form
Dragon Form

House/Residence: Wherever he wants honestly, though he fancies to stay at Wangshu Inn frequently.

Theme Songs:
Guys Don't Like Me - It Boys!

Bad Word - Panicland

Allen Walker - Darkside

Quotes: "We are all brought forth out of darkness into this world, through blood and through pain."
"The shadows betray you, because they serve me."
"Oh look at you, so intimidating." 


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