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Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 23
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February 21, 2021


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Genshin Impact Female OC
Category: Stories

Name: Silver
Nicknames: Sil, The Silver Adeptus, Lady Silver, The Black Star
Age: 2,000 years
Race: Adeptus (Umbra)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 132 lbs.
Eyes: Violet-Amethyst
Hair: Long pitch black hair with a silver underlayer.
Voice Claim: Céline Dion
S/O: Straight, sub.
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: An Adeptus of the Umbra Archon, wanderer.
Scars: None.
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: Stars on both of her forearms.
Weapon of Choice: Her scythe “Oblivion” and Umbra magic. 
Turn Ons: Caressing her neck, back and arms, biting/marking, public displays of possessiveness, and more.
Likes: Tea, dancing and playing her violin, singing a bit, intimidating others, toying with her prey, attractive men, pasta and rice dishes, her Archon.
Dislikes: Pretty much everyone else, annoying tagalongs, the Fos Archon, having her privacy intruded upon.
Her violin. 

Elemental Skill: Shadow Burst - Conjures a large black bubble of magic around her before bursting in a magical explosion, dealing elemental AOE damage.

Elemental Blast: Engulfing Shade - Covers the ground of the battlefield in a carpet of shadows, wisps of magic trialing into the air, drains enemies elemental magic and converts it into her own energy (basically a power drain).

Personality: Dark, cold, devious, can be known to flirt a bit with guys she finds attractive, sly, cunning, seductive. Her alignment with the Umbra elemental gives her a naturally intimidating presence and deceitful habits. She is not as skilled as her Archon in dealing with people however so what she lacks in communication she makes up for in combat prowess. Silver is notorious for being a very quiet and observant person yet has quite the sassy and snarky mouth on her. Bio: Silver had grown up on the streets as a child, stealing to survive. She became accustomed to violence and death at an early age. Despite this, she retained some semblance of sanity, drawing a connection to the Umbra Vision. After serving diligently for many years, she became one of Syphon's Adepti. The Silent Stars are the only family she's ever known and cherishes them all. She dies wish to have someone to call her own one day but is doubtful of them truly accepting her.

Pets: A Blue Raven, Merlin.
Her Drake, Requiem.

House/Residence: She wanders all over Teyvat, making camps mostly and staying at the occasional Inn.

Theme Songs: Nightcore - No Friends (Lyrics)

Ava Max - Kings & Queens [Official Music Video]

Nightcore - Born Without A Heart

Quotes: “In chess a King can move one space at a time, but Queens are free to move wherever they like.”
"Don't mistake my indifference for carelessness."
"We may be twisted but we're family, remember that." 


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