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02/21/2021 06:18 PM 

seven questions i stole.
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1. Who is your character? 
Selina Castle, at your service.~

2. Are they a Canon character or an OC?
Okay soooo she's def canon, but I've altered her A LOT so she's very AU. Which I like. So.

3. If you answered Canon, why did you choose this character? If you answered OC, how or why did you make this character?
Wellll at the time I was in an anime-based verse for some years, but I've always wanted to try comics verse. I finally got up the nerve to try it with Catwoman because she's always been one of my favorite anti-heroes. Her iterations are so varied and her character is more complex than many like to believe because they just think of the spandex & whip. So growing with her as I learned more about comics in general has been a delight.

4. If you answered Canon, how have you expanded this character past their main story? If you answered OC, how have you immersed your character into different universes?
Sooooo initially I did try to stick very closely to Rebirth Catwoman. But it got dry. So then I started dabbling with RP with characters in other verses. I loved the flexibility of building on Selina while also still honoring what made her the Catwoman. So while there are some noted differences in how I portray her, there is still some familiarity.

5. Both Canon & OC, how has this character affected you? Do they hold a special role for you or inspire you in any way?
Selina is legit so special to me! I love writing as her, so much so that I've even brought it into my job. xD I actively do comics research & scholarship, & I try to bring awareness to Catwoman and other characters/stories as a means of incorporating it into education. So I took it and RAN with it lmao.

6. Both Canon & OC, You knew it was coming, what is your opinion on shipping and the impact it has on your character? Shipping?
I'm a big shipper. BIIIIIG shipper. I take each relationship that Selina has had to heart. I carry each experience, each heartbreak, each moment of happiness as a part of her history. The traditional ship (BatCat) didn't work out for me, & while that's unfortunate I will say that my current ship is the most wonderful one I've ever had in RP. We transcended universes & made it work despite being the "odd couple." Franky is mai heart & I love how we have a continuous story that's carried on from day one. We'll be 1 year married next week! He is a treasure.

7. For both Canon & OC’s any big future plans for this character?
I'm trying to be more active on HERE, but I am pretty content with the Discord servers I'm a part of. I plan on posting much more regularly in those existing stories. I want Selina to have more babies with Franky. xD I also don't want her to get content in the same old, same old! I want to really develop her character into the BEST momma, the BEST wife, and the BEST cat burglar. Some things she just can't give up. ♥


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