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02/22/2021 09:48 PM 

Mist Hero: Shut Down

Name: Hayate Aizawa 
Kanji: 颯, 相あいざわ
Meaning: Strong Wind, Fellow Swamp
Hero Name: Shut Down
Hero Name Sake: Knowing they can shut down someone's quirk with their body, he simply thought it was a good idea and no one tried to stop him. I mean it's better than some right?! 
Age: 16-21 depending on the timeline of the story. 
Affiliation(s): U.A, Ketsubutsu Academy
Quirk: MIST, using bodily fluids (only his own) he can stop someones quirk until it is complelty removed. 
Blood Type: B+
Nationality: Japanese 
Sex: Male 
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/They 
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
Merital Status: Perpetually single since he's multi-Love Interest
Father: Shouta Aizawa (Eraser Head)
Mother: Emi Fukukado (Ms Joke)
Siblings: N/A 

Personality: Hayate takes after Emi in his exentrics trying to make others laugh, be loud, and always grabbing the center of attention, or at least that's what everyone tells him, he really got his soft side from Aizawa, he really adores all animals and animal features so sometimes he can go overboard with people and their animal quirks. He adores Koda's quirk since he can talk to animals and it attracts more animals. He'll babysit any animals no matter how scary or soft. 

Biggest fear: Losing his family. He loves Emi and Shouta more than anything and dreaming of losing them in battle constantly strikes him especially after the most recent attack. 

Reason for becoming a hero: It just seemed like the right path, both his parentents encouraged him to do so, so he followed that path and ended up in class A dispite being rated far more harshly because of his parents. 

View on All Mgiht: Sure he adores All Might but thinks he's quite overhyped, he's never really liked the ranking system that everyone is on but he can't argue the popular vote. 

Height: 5'7" 
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye color: Half red and half green
Hair color and length: It's puffy and when straightened down to his shoulders, it has terquois highlights all through his black locks that shine when the light hits them. He's basically a perfect mix of his parents as if someone literally mixed him in a mixing bowl. 
Complexion: Slightly darker than both his parents but they think that's from training in the sun all the time


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