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March 1st, 2021

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Gender: Male
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Age: 29
Country: Isle of Man

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February 23, 2021


02/23/2021 02:01 PM 


 his real name is vlmr kel xilax, a humanoid born in a different dimension from earth's, one that has humanoid beings similar to earths, but lived in far more technogically advanced planet that existed with several alien civilizations, their entire solar system and a few other surrounding ones colonized. the planet he was born on was highly industrial, most of its surface serving as mining plants, the solar system once hosting 11 planets orbiting a massive sun that extended the days on his world by hours. he lived in the slums with his family, spending most of his days with his childhood friends. one day he encountered an injured man being attacked by some sort of creature. he attempted to help the man, but they and the creature were somehow teleported to a different dimension. both men eventually defeat the creature, the other male having suffered serious injuries and revealed that due to kels intervention, they were both now stuck in that realm, stranded on some sort of beach, where the sand was not of earthly shade , almost a deep purple and the water almost entirely black. despite the injured man's resistance they eventually became friends, having to cooperate to survive. the area they were in seemed to be a simple island, stretching a few miles before giving way to a massive surrounding ocean of black water, the sky constantly illuminated by a strange massive yellow moon, one that looked over the land, keeping the under constant night, while a smaller second moon hung a bit lower to that one, the two orbs in the sky causing the waves to sway in strange ways and the land to sometimes wail with eerie winds. over time the male revealed he was a sort of realm traveler, part of this group that shifts through realities, hunting these creatures that destroy realms, and kels realm was close to an inevitable end. time passed and the two spent a year stranded on that island, exploring its strange forests which sometimes seeped an other worldly fog. eventually the monsters arrived to hunt the realm traveler and he decided to teach kel how to fight these creatures. With magic. Soul magic to be exact. Magic didn't exist in every realm, not in Kel's, but it was needed to destroy those creatures. the male also revealed how to travel realms informing kel, that 'phase hunters' (the name kel's companion gave to his group,) needed the creatures as fuel for their travels but before they could both plan an attack they were ambushed, kel being the only survivor. unable to properly use his new found abilities, kel managed to fight the creatures and gather enough essence for a daring escape. narrowly succeeding, kelly landed in an unknown new dimension, appearing on a planet inhabitated mainly by fungal life. there he managed to survive for a few months, the magic energy he channeled now coursing through him, allowing him to survive in certain conditions basically humanoids could not, attempting to focus on the faint, mysterious power inside him, managing to travel through different realms. eventually managing to open a rift to his native dimension, kel discovered it was destroyed. swearing revenge for his loved ones, he swore to destroy those creatures and protect others from the same cruel fate. he's found himself fighting an occasional monster or two, perfering to quickly dispose of foes by means of teleportation, utilizing his old friends dimensional traveling abities to a great extent, his ability emitting a strange 'bamf' sound whenever used earning him the nickname 'bamf.'


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