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One Piece Oc: Lucifer
Current mood:  accomplished

Name: Lucifer Tarragon
Age: 30
Specie: Human
Height: 2 Meter
Weight: 90 kg
Sex: Male
Blood type: S
Relatives: Younger Sister: Unny
Birth Place: Paradise - Sabaody Archipelago
Sexuality: Bisexual

Status: Noble
Faction: Revolutionary Army
Wanted: Alive
Bounty: 200 000 000
Devilfruit: None

Weapons: Dual Swords, sea stone swords.
Fighting Style: Blade Dancer.
Items: A golden locket around his neck and a red ribbon in his hair.
Likes: Sweets, dancing, his younger sister, playing either piano or violin.
Dislikes: Nobles, World Government, Slave trading & coffee.
Strengths: People seem to be easily charmed by his looks and personality, sword fighting & can play piano & violin.
Weaknesses: Trust issues, unsure about romance, allergic to pineapple.

Personality: He can appear as cold or cool looking but he really is a a goof, he loves to hug people and to cherish people with love and support. He loves to talk to people and interact with them. He is a very loyal man who would die to save his friends and family. When people get to know this man they either think he is weird or amazing.

Appearance: Tall and slender body but at the same time very muscular. Long white hair, half of his hair is tied up with a red ribbon with small braids to the side. Well dressed in a long white coat (people often mistakes it for a marine coat) a white poet shirt and black pants. He has a cold or cool look on his face, the resting bitch face as people say. But he have a very loving smile when he do smiles. His skin is very pale and time to time wear a little makeup to enhance his features.

Short backstory: Lucifer grew up in a noble household where his parents loved him very much. When he was around 7 year he got a little sister, Unny. His mother  got sick right after she gave birth to their daughter. His sister got sold on her 4th birthday. After that Lucifer had worked hard to get his sister back but have failed many times during his life. He grew apart form his family and went out to look for his lost sister. He were on the brink of death as Ivankov found him and brought him back to the Revolutionary Army. Where he begun his training, to be able to get his little sister back to safety. He is one of the officers in the Revolutionary Army and have a high standard for people who work with him.


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