This will be used for starters for different OCs, and different occasions. More to come, please be patient. Only intended if you're wanting to RP but aren't very good with opening. You do not have to choose one if you have a setting in mind.

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04/01/2021 11:47 PM 

Day at the Falls
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Ari Yoshihara made an exasperated sigh as the three of them walked along the dusty path towards their goal, "why is it so hot today?" Her eyes were squinted, her ears were layed flat against her head and her tail was lowered; almost touching the ground. She glanced behind her, hoping that the tall slender woman would want to stop for a rest, only to see she had no intention of doing so. Ari looked over her other shoulder, to see how their new companion was doing. She stopped dead in her tracks, "where's the fairie?" Her sudden observation caught the woman off-guard, they both begin looking around frantically. Had they lost her from heat stroke somewhere? Had she wondered off? How had they not noticed? 

Out of no where they both heard a scream coming from 6 miles to the east of the path. They gave each other a passing glance as their body's shifted, Ari darted in the direction they heard the screams as the woman spread her wings out and raced off, By the time they got there they found clothes strewn about, a nervous pit grew in their stomachs as they began to form scenarios. "Maybe she made new clothes?" Ari had suggested. "Perhaps someone made off with her and had their way?" Maruga's insensitive inquiry made Ari shift. As they ran through about a dozen other possibilities, they began hearing giggling and splashing. Confusion set in, "what is that?" Ari began hiking through the thick brush of greenery. 

After a few feet they finally came to a small clearing with a huge lake, within the ripples they could see it was stocked with hundreds of different types of fish and frogs. All of a sudden, Mani emerged from the water with a huge grin and giggles so addictive it made Ari smile. The water beads caught the sun causing Mani to appear even more mystical than she already was. The sparkling effects seemed to linger long after she had moved closer to the girls after noticing them.  "Come on Ari," she chirped. "You said you were hot so I found us something to take the heat off." She splashed lightly toward them. 

Ari looked at Maruga with pleading eyes. Rolling her eyes Maruga responded, "five minutes Ari." With that, Ari wasted no time stripping down to her underwear and jumping in. Giggling and splashing with Mani. Ari soaked in the cool, refreshing feeling the water provided. "Has water always felt this amazing?" She asked Mani who had dunked under the water again, Ari giggled knowing she hadn't heard her. She had only known Mani for a few days and she had grown quite attached to her. Distracting her thoughts she turned to Maruga, "why don't you join us Ruggie?" Maruga's eyes darkened, "I thought I told you to never call me that."


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