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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 31
Country: Japan

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March 29, 2021


04/04/2021 11:55 AM 

OoC Tidbits: +Writing Style Info
Category: Guidelines

Do not ask about my real life details other than what I am posting here. I will only tell you once before I remove you.

- Roleplay and real life are separate. Anything done with Artemis is just roleplay.

- I am an adult. Meaning my age falls in the bracket of twenty-one and older.

- My time zone is Pacific Standard, otherwise known as PST.

- I am only fluent in English. Artemis is multi-lingual. I use Google Translate for this.

- I have a full time job that often works me six days and over forty hours. This means I do not always have the energy to sign in here or on Discord to do replies or even banter. I'm afraid you may wind up disappointed or aggravated if you're a person that requires weekly responses. Feel free to remove me if you haven't the patience for my timing. Rush me and I will remove you myself with haste.

- I don't mind pre-made greetings so long as you greet me in some fashion if you sent the friend request.

- I also don't mind roleplaying in both comments and messages!

- I do not write with minors in or out of character.

- Don't expect smut. Especially if there is no built up chemistry between our muses.

I write in third person and my style varies during banter. I use literate style for full roleplays though. Meaning I will write in full sentences and full paragraphs, and use quotation marks when Artemis speaks. Whereas in smaller banters I will use backslashes, forward slashes, hyphens, asterisks or brackets for the action sections of the banter.

Backslash: /
Forward Slash: \
Hyphen: -
Asterisk: *
Brackets: { } and [ ]

I am also very fond of adding a splash of color to my writing when writing here on Ani. I tend to mostly keep the actions black and white while highlighting the conversational bits with colored text.


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