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The singer's story

On site many would see Kurai as a cheerful idol that only wishes to touch the hearts of all fans that listen to his songs. But deep down is a person whose heart has been long lost to darkness. What's left is the shell of a person that functions soley on what they need to do to keep going in life and nothing more. Whenever people see Kurai, none would ever guess that their idol they admire so much spends his time deciding on whether or not he wants to find an excuse to get them out faster or just outright cut them up. How was it that he became this way?

Kurai was an unplanned child so an average income family and having him was very costly and as a result his parents weren't all that good to him and his siblings were even worse giving him a life of suffering. No matter how much he tried to get their approval and just to be loved, he would never receive it. He attempted to run away in the past after seeing that for some it got better when family missed what they had, but this wasn't the case for him. The only sort of protection he got came as he got older and begin to be mistaken for a girl. Only then when parents saw the potential of forcing him to beaty pagents for the prize money and attention that they begin to pay some attention to him. But this caused his siblings to hate him more and those at school tease him that knew about it.

It's not like he wanted to go, but if he didn't he'd be punished for it and forced anyway so Kurai didn't have a choice in the matter. After 16 years of this treatment, Kurai decided it was just time to go and never come back. Surely he'd find happiness anywhere but this place. During the night he would take some of his clothes from the beauty pagent and steal some money from his sleeping parents before going out for the last time. It started out a lonely walk into the night with all kinds of fishy and scary looking people walking around. If anyone attacked, Kurai didn't know if he'd be able to take them based on the various stories he hears about what goes on during the night.

Given the dark every dog in the neighborhood at least once would wake up and surprise him by running up and barking but would be blocked by fences scaring him before he took a breath and kept walking. Eventually becoming tired enough to just prefer the main road and only hear the sounds of cars driving by. His only companion being just his own shadow that would show up anytime he walked into the night. He would walk as far as he could away from home so that when, more or less if they came looking for him, he'd be far enough that they wouldn't find him too quickly. He had no intention of going back to that life, infact he had no intention of being that person ever again. Kurai would eventually stop at a bus stop that had seats and made himself a bed on it to rest on.

He would sleep until the sun was beginning to come up before sitting up at dawn. It was still a little dark, but there was enough light to see what was around him and to let him know that buses would soon be coming. He looks around to find himself near a supermarket and had an idea. First he'd eat there and then buy something for the remaining trip however long it took. Something to make it not so lonely like when he first started walking. He goes inside the supermarket to eat before shopping around and finally settling on a music player and headphones to continue the trip on. He was only able to get a few songs that he recalled that he liked before it was time to go as surely his family would notice him missing soon.

Accompinied only by music now Kurai would continue his lonely journey to get as far as he could as fast as he could until reaching a bus station that'd take him out of town where he would board a bus at random and head out of the place he once called home. During this time he only wanted to be left to his own thoughts and the music that kept him happy. When reaching the new town he would use the building to change into some of his pagent clothes and cut his hair and dye it in a way where he looked much different, now having the apperance of a femboy. One of the last looks anyone would expect from him.

From here he would spend the major first half of the time just trying to earn money for food and water which was pretty much living on the street. But when thinking back on the songs from the music player that has since went out, he found himself singing along to his thoughts which to his surprise earned him donations pretty quickly sealing his motives to make money. He just needed to sing more and so sing he did. Things were looking up from this and Kurai actually made a friend from this. A girl that would stop by and chat with him and eventually would invite him over to her house to spend some nights and get cleaned up. She even brought him things and showed him the affection no one else ever bothered to do. She really believed in him and encouraged him to keep singing and he'll make it somewhere.

Unforuntely for him, he did and was taken in and quickly put to work on a record seperating him from his one and only friend. It was when he got back and couldn't find her that he heard news from those that knew her. She was sick and passed away to it. But until the end, she had never stopped coming back to the spot they met in hopes of seeing him one last time and he was unable to grant her wish. Some say this news struck the light not only out of Kurai's eyes, but it was the day he lost his heart. He was so overcome by sadness, and guilt he closed his heart up never to open it again leaving only his hate to grow.

Hate for the people that teased him, hate for those that did nothing to help him despite always talking on tv about doing so, hate knowing that people liked the new him and otherwise didn't care for the old him, hate for his life. He hated so much, but for her when he's around people in his idol persona, he always manages a smile even in the foulest mood. It's what she would have wanted.

These days Kurai has discarded almost everything about his past and prefers to never speak on it or even think about it. He likes to keep to himself, alone when not performing. Best described by a person who saw who he really was, Kurai has the eyes of someone with a fake smile. Deep down you can see a person who has given up on not just the world, but seemingly on himself as well.


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