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Baby's Tools
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Although Babydoll can use any gun or weapon needed, she primarily uses a personalized M1911A1 pistol and a Katana. She also utilizes a Heckler & Koch MP7, as well as a Lewis Gun she acquires from one of her many fantasy-based enemies.

M1911A1 Pistol


In the real world, Babydoll wields a blue-black M1911A1 - .45 ACP against her Stepfather.

In the Japanese Temple, The Wise Man presents Babydoll with a polished nickel-plated M1911A1 with engravings on both sides of the slide. The grip features a cherry token in the center. Five charms hang from the pistol's lanyard ring. She is also given three spare magazines.



A traditional Japanese sword but with a Babydoll twist: Engraved on the blade is a timeline of the movie. The hand guard is made up of lobotomy picks and cherries. The sword is carried in a brown scabbard decorated with golden snowflakes.  She used it extensively along with her pistol in all tiers of the fantasy realm and even carried the map on the blade as she and her friends left sequence one.

"The most intricate weapon bestowed upon Babydoll is her samurai sword. The sword features a handle of black rayskin (the belly of the Manta Ray, favored by the Japanese for its sandpaper-like quality that prevents slipping), covered with oiled brown leather, a hand-carved tsuba, or sword guard, and hand-sculpted bronze menuki, charms hidden beneath the leather. The saya, or scabbard, is made of lacquered wood festooned with snowflakes with a gold braid sash to fasten the sword to Babydoll's leather shoulder holster rig."

Mouse over the following numbers to view a detailed description and close-up of the associated portion of the engraving on Babydoll's Katana




The beginning of the sword/story, showing the symbols of cherries and daisies (both representing innocence & purity), growing from a strong foundation (the tree)




...also showing a doll/stuffed rabbit, symbolizing both childhood as well as "something close to her."




The foundation (tree) is destroyed by bullets (when her sister is shot) the will is revealed to be the catalyst of...




Babbydoll's commitment to the hospital. This segment is intertwined with a strait-jacket taking the placeof the tree as the foundation.




Once in the hospital, the countdown begins, forcing Babydoll to begin depending on her fantasies...




Her fantasies overtake her, the dreams of WW2 plans fighting and flying by the moon...




Dragon wings and steampunk-ish gas mask hoses intertwine with this stage's "foundation", which is Babydoll's dance, represented by the feathered boa.




Though she has fought, her friends are dead and her innocence is taken from her, the pure daisies are destroyed, the object "close to her" is decapitated, and...




She accepts defeat as the lobotomy doctor proceeds, but Babydoll, having nothing left, becomes enlightened by her acceptance.




Heckler & Koch MP7A1

Babydoll's primary firearm is a Heckler & Koch MP7A1 sub-machine gun. She wielded it during the "fire" quest. It is later suppressed for a more covert approach to the Baby Dragon's nest. Babydoll has also customized this weapon with a Zeiss red-dot sight, a flashlight and two 40-round magazines taped together for faster reloading.

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