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04/07/2021 04:45 PM 

Kagura Mutsuki: Primer & Rules.
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Greetings, and welcome to the Duodecim! It's been a while since I joined, and I saw it appropriate to make a basic blog post outlining my character, how I play him, and some general guidelines to keep in mind when writing with me. If you're new or have recently added me, I suggest giving this a look-over first, to help get acquainted.

The character I roleplay is Kagura Mutsuki, hailing from the BlazBlue verse. He was introduced in the third game, Chronophantasma, and has since become one of the main characters. Compared to many people on this site, I could be considered new. I had never seriously RP'd until I joined Ani in April of 2020 during lockdown. I originally joined as Prison School's Meiko Shiraki (who I still use on that account) but after being greatly inspired by this site's Lilith Aensland and Kokonoe Mercury, I chose to portray a male character who was the closest to my real life self, which is how I settled on Kagura. I have several other accounts, but this is effectively my main and the one I most enjoy using.

Sadly, by the time I joined, BlazBlue had become something of a niche verse, and I more or less carry it on my back these days. As such, I am completely open to crossovers of any verse, with a heavy lean towards fighting games, but I'm not selective at all. Since I identify heavily with Kagura, I can play him in a variety of scenarios, from action to general slice of life. I'm also the co-leader of the Crossed Fates RP group along with its main leader Bang Shishigami, which takes heavy inspiration from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

My schedule can be a bit sporadic at times, so I might be slow. Feel free to poke me for replies if you're really feeling it. That said, I love hearing from you all and hope you enjoy my writing whole heartedly.

  • I will not list Kagura's full biography here, as I feel there is a good enough summary on my actual profile. However, there are some basics you should know just so you don't get the wrong idea.
  • Kagura is a notorious flirt and a playboy. I do not use this character trait as an excuse to try to get with every female on the site, far from it. If anything, I take the comical approach. Worry not about my thirst levels, I am taken IRL.
  • Which leads me to my next point - one major canon divergence is that within status streams, I portray Kagura as having genuine romantic feelings for Lilith. Don't take this the wrong way, I in no way go for underaged characters - I am a close friend of Succ and we have discussed this extensively. Furthermore, I am not single-shipped with Lilith - I will openly do romantic RP with those interested.
  • Another major trait of Kagura is that he loves to drink. I will offer you a drink all the damn time. If you are uncomfortable with alcohol themes, feel free to decline. Drink responsibly, kiddos.
  • Though I am fully open to ero/H writing so long as there is proper buildup, this is not the primary focus of this account. If you specifically seek that with no pretense, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, I do not play Kagura as gay under any circumstance, so yaoi/BL is a no.
  • I am an active player of BlazBlue and other anime fighters. My primary platform is PC, though Switch is also an option. If you would like to game with me, feel free to ask for my Steam or my FC, and I am entirely Discord friendly.


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