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April 04, 2021


04/07/2021 04:20 PM 

Rules and Guidelines

  • I'm cringe, you're cringe, we're all cringe. Stay chill. Have fun. That's what we're here for.
  • I'm a multi-shipper. I love romance storylines. I wouldn't RP a character named "Boyfriend" if I didn't. 
  • Smut is fine, it's not what I'm here for so if I'm bad at it that's a you problem.
  • That being said, for the love of god be at least 18. I'm a quarter of the way to the grave. I don't want to rp with children.
  • Out of universe his name is Luis because for the life of me I can't just call him "Boyfriend" when everyone else has a normal ass name. In universe, unless my writing partner says otherwise he stays just "Boyfriend" because it's funny af.
  • I can block anyone I want. For any reason. Period. If I do, don't readd me on another account and whine about it.I can't really do anything about it if you do. I'll just laugh at you with my friends. 
  • I have discord, but rarely use it. Feel free to ask for it but I can't garauntee I'll be active.
  • I do have a life, I can be slow as hell with replies. If that's a deal breaker? Again, that's a you problem. Just block me and don't make a huge deal about it. I literally could not care less.
  • I almost always have my online now disabled. It just makes me anxious. Please don't take that as me being snobbish or unapprochable. I swear I'm a nice, chill person.


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