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04/07/2021 10:28 PM 

Smoothe Criminal (Sample)
Category: Stories
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001. smoothe criminal. part I

trigger warnings: mentions of rape, abuse, and self-harm.
genre: slice of life, violence, dark romance, suspense/mystery, supernatural.
verse: naruto , naruto shippuden, naruto au

It was supposed to be an easy mission - easy enough, however; there were certain concequences to the actions of the other village. They were not aware of what was happening on the other end. The village itself seemed shady and there were suspicious accidents happening in the village. People seemed to disappear out of nowhere with no real reason for it to happen. Someone poisoned the water supply in the village over the other town because someone else would not give him a job at the restaurant he applied to. It was certain things like that which made Ino's family nervous about this particular mission. Ino was going to a village called Iwagakure which was known to be the home of Deidara, a former member of the Akatsuki. Her only resource of information was that he was an s-ranked criminal filed in the bingo book as Iwagakure's most dangerous and "Explosive" shinobi- he was dangerous, and they needed Ino to be careful.

How could she be "careful" -- nothing, NOTHING was careful about this. That much Ino was sure of, and she hated that they would underestimate her intelligence by assuming that she wouldn't know what to do in a situation like this. Ino was prepared for the responsibility of taking on her team and going on the mission. She had gathered her things and started to walk out of the shopping mart, and carried her bags out to where Shikamaru and Choji were waiting. "Let's get going. I would like to be home before my parents do." she said and started walking out towards the village gates. Konohagakure was getting noisy in the evenings and it seemed like a lot of new people were showing up and making it more alive. She loved the night life in Konohagakure and wanted to settle down with a drink or two after the mission. She was going through the possible outcomes in her mind as she walked with the others towards the village they were headed to. They traveled for 3 days and ended up at Iwagakure shrine at the base of a mountain.

She realized she felt a familiar chakra around and it was not something she expected to be around here. "So...that's what this is about.." she thought as she sighed, stretching her back and poping some of her bones with a relaxed sigh when she stopped in the registration desk outside of the village. That was not a job she envied, and she wanted to get this done as soon as possible so she could just go home and relax. She had already had their room and board prepared, and by the time they got there; all they wanted to do was sleep. Ino was still worried about the energy she was feeling at the time she got there. She would keep it in mind for the future if it showed itself again. Ino was sure it was someone familiar , someone she had met before, but she couldn't tell. It was...different. Somehow. Different in a way  she couldn't decide, and she didn't know if she wanted to find out how different it had become.

It was fear. Fear of being right and knowing the horrible pain that would follow. She knew she wouldn't have a chance otherwise, she was so sure that she knew what was best. She lectured Shikamaru like he was stupid, and bossed Choji around about his eating, but Ino was insecure, and she knew it showed. It was ugly, and it made her want to sob. However, emotions were looiked down in the shinobi world, and she wanted to maintain the honor of her clan and shinobi in the village. She suddenly came to a stop when they reached the kage's building and slowly walked inside. 

"Come in. We've been expecting you." a woman, dark skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, rather skinny, but not too muscular was standing in the corner of the room when they first walked into the building for resources about their mission. Ino was concerned about the nature of the mission. All she knew was that she was looking for shinobi that were going missing and were being targeted for their special abilities being used for science and experimentation. It wasn't Orochimaru - he was already dead, and something told Ino that it was not going to be an easy pill to swallow once she discovered who the person was that was behind this. Even if she did find it, it was not going to save the many people whose lives were ruined by the person responsible. Ino was determined to give the people that were in Iwagakure justice for their pain and suffering. Ino had known what it was like to be hurt, cut, raped, tortured, and beaten up into a bloody mess. She knew the pain of not being able to trust yourself or the decisions you made and the turmoil that came with nightmares, cold sweats, hot-flashes, sickness and disturbing thoughts and emotions that made a person want to end everything and not look back. Ino was certain that this person was causing pain for not just one person, but many people at a time and they were very experienced in what they did. They emotionally manipulated others to make them feel better about their own insecurities - although she didn't want to, Ino could relate to that about it. 

However, Ino was not a sociopath so she would be able to show compassion to the people she could reach out and help about this situation. She contacted the defense system in the village and the story for the man that her team, Shikamaru and Choji, were investigating about a rape-suicide. It wasn't very often that a person would rape someone and kill themselves right after to get out of being in jail and would commonly be up front about the situation in the interview about their alibi. It was Ino who got them to reveal Hikaru's position. He was gay, and Hikaru didn't want his parent's to know about it - he made up the story about having sex with someone when he was intoxicated at a party. She claimed he raped her, but there was no evidence, and there was noise, it was dark, and she did not have a visual. It looked hopeless but Shikamaru took going out to the public where he would give the description of a girl that was on the run. Her name was Sayuri and she was Hikaru's half-sister, and since they were't related by blood they didn't have anything to worry about.

Sayuri was a young girl in her late teens, barely 18 and Hikaru was looking at life in Hozuki prison where he would be placed for the rest of his days for hurting an innocent girl. Sayuri fought with her mother and never put Hikaru in his place, but Sayuri swore that she wasn't raped and her mother did which was why she called the police department when she saw blood on Sayuri's clothes. She had started her monthly gift from mother nature, and she was un-aware of how this happened. Ino was sure to give Sayuri some information on rape and personal mental and physical health. She also set her up with a psychiatrist and therapist. Ino was still looking in on the case late in the evening in her office. She ran a hand through bright blonde locks and sighed, her pony tail was now a matted mess, and she looked up when there was a knock on the door.

"I'm heading home. Shhesh, you should get home too, don't want to lose your beauty sleep, my queen." Shikamaru said, and chuckled, Ino simply gave him the bird. "Yeah, yeah. I'll go as soon as I'm done with this coffiee." she said and took another sip. She put it down and looked over at Shikamaru, "I've got the last of the files on the Sayuri case. Hopefully the family can find some peace after all this. They deserve happiness, and Sayuri is such a sweet kid." Ino nodded, "I agree, but it wasn't her fault. It never is. That's the difference. Hikaru didn't get what he deserved, and more people might suffer. . " she sighed, leaning back on her chair.

"Come on. I'll take you home." he said and followed Ino out of the kage's building. It had been a long 48 hours of chasing down two reckless kids and even more insecure adults that had no idea what they were dealing with. Ino and Shikamaru had something more to look foreward to in the future. Ino fell asleep in the back seat of Shikamaru's car, closing her cerulean blue eyes slowly and drifting off to a peaceful slumber until Shikamaru took her up to her one room apartment and she sighed as she hit her pillows. "Good-Night." she said and started snoring. 

That was about 2 weeks ago. Now Ino was patiently waiting for files to come in, and the DNA was a match on Hikaru. Now she had a reason to go after him, but it would take time. Ino was determined to catch as many people as she could because she had a responsibility to the people of Konohagakure and an obligation to her team. This is something she took upon herself and wanted to do because of her own mother's horrible experience. She died while having Ino because of her injuries. Ino found a job in the justice system and had been hunting criminals because of that and she would not stop until all of them were put away and made them pay for what they had done. It wasn't Ino's fault if they got into trouble in prison and she wasn't going to start caring about a criminal now. 

Even if the chakra signature was something she thought was familiar. It was difficult not to ignore as she slept. 

(c) BRUTALLY HONEST -- aniroleplay.com


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