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04/11/2021 02:01 PM 

Role Play Rules
Category: Guidelines

Role Play Rules.

1.    Do not godmod in any way, please.

2.    Respect boundaries. I am in a relationship in rl. I do not dishonour that.

3.    I am here to role play, not to take part in people's drama. Thank you.

4.    Every writer is different. I will try to match what style and length of writing that I receive.

5.     If you have any issues with me, please send me an ooc explanation. I am happy to discuss anything with anyone.

6.     I am looking to fill some "mains" rolls, but I will accept duplicates. It is not meant to be a competition (as the way I write my character is not exclusive).

7.    Take your time with replies. I never get bothered, since I also have a real life. To that note, I hope that you will also realize the same, for me.


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