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04/13/2021 09:52 PM 

Notes of Noel

[ Facts About Noel ]

I. His support class is considered both the 'weakest' and the most 'evil' because he cannot benefit from his own buffs, learns no offensive skills from the class, and has the ability to manipulate those who hears his voice with certain skills.

II. In a traditional setting he would be considered a very talented and strong warrior, but since Battle Techniques and attribute scaling is so fawned over in his world he is looked down on. Hence his ability through sheer training to take down their swordsman with hand-to-hand combat. 

III. Noel's grandfather--Over Death--was a warrior who was unmatched in power, riches, and techniques. Because of this Noel greatly respects warriors and secretly envies those who share that same potential in their class that his grandfather once held. 

IV. Noel only believes in four kinds of people: Allies, Enemies, Expendables, and Protected. Romance is not on his radar and very difficult to get him to even acknowledge. 

V. He is a survivalist, willing to do whatever it takes to live and obtain his dream of running the Strongest Clan in history. Despite this, he has his own morals and would never abandon or break a promise toward those he considers allies. Likewise, he would be a thousand times more vindictive toward those who betray him.

VI. Noel uses magical guns as his main weapon, but he, himself, is more dangerous when the opponent is a humanoid. He has been shown to be quite proficient with daggers as well and various other weapons...but cannot learn skills for anything. 

VII. Noel is pyschologically manipulative, cunning, and as intelligent as he is charismatic. He is always plotting toward advancing his goals and growing his clan, but these machinations are never toward the detriment of those he cares about. His enemies however...will find themselves greatly pressured by the steps he plans ahead.

IX. Noel can best be described as both Lawful Neutral (following his own code and standards) and Neutral Evil (utilizing both good and evil methods to achieve his desires) equally. Since people are contradictary creatures and composed of layers, these elements best represent him.

X. Noel has never had a fully family and envies those who have been blessed with that; despite this, he is more prone to admiring families and helping them in accepting missions. 

XI. Noel believes in high risk and high reward, and has amassed a large body count making examples of those whom would look down or try and kill him. He lives by his grandfather's words: "Never let anyone look down on you and run over you." 

XII. Noel sold two his former teammates into slavery after they were caught embezzling money from the party, and ran off with his and Walter's funds; the alternative was 10 years of hard labor where they would die but make him no profit on his losses. It was this action that made Walter decide to retire adventuring even if he understood it to be the best decision.

XIII. Noel was attacked by bandits in the city right after, and systematically cut off their ears and left them bleeding as a warning for others not to offend him. While he is kind, he is also ruthless.

More to continue.


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