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Gender: Male

Age: 115
Country: United States

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April 21, 2015


04/18/2021 10:25 PM 

Darius Deville

Name: Darius Deville.

Nickname: Dari.

D.O.B: 1/2

P.O.B: Carpathian Mountains.

Species: Demonic Vampire

Hair/Eye Color: Gold / Red. 

Height/Weight: 6’. 150lbs. 

Other Physical Mentions: none.

Sex Orientation: Pansexual. 

Relationship Status: Single. 

Personality Traits: Curious, Smart. Always in a good mood. 

Likes: Researching anything, spontaneous & fun people. 

Dislikes: Boring people, uneventful situations. 

Current Residence:  Kingdom of Ere. 

Occupation: Researcher. 

Parents: Darc Deville & Lucifae Uchiha-Deville. 

Siblings: Darc jr, Daymon & Devlin Deville. 

Children: None. 

About him: Born on a cold winter night Darius came into the world in the middle of chaos. It’s in that manner his entire life was shaped. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, on the Deville family estate to Darc Deville a powerful Vampire and Lucifae Uchiha-Deville a Demonic/Vampire with the ability to use magic. Lucifae gave birth to her third son. The third of four he was raised with his three brothers all rowdy, loud and rough housing it all the time but they share a strong unbreakable bond. 

Darius describes himself at 6’ tall, slim with a muscular build weighing at 150lbs. Light skinned his hair is the color of gold, shinny his locks sit atop his head, the ends brush against his shoulders, he tends to keep it mid-length. His eyes like his mother and siblings are blood red.

Unlike his brothers Dari is of mild temperament. He has always tried to separate himself from the reputation of his family and tries to mimic the kindness of his aunt Senshi. Mimic is the perfect word to use for a demonic/vampire don’t get it wrong, when angered he can become extremely dangerous. Aside from that he is of a cheery disposition and fun to be around always with a ready smile.  

After the death of his father his mother packed him and his siblings and returned to her family home at Sparx Kingdom. There Darius and his brothers were sent to Demone Academy where they spent the rest of their childhood in school surrounded by family and friends. Darius wasn’t a fan of school although he is brilliant and graduated top of his class, he rather enjoyed finding out the information for himself not have it handed to him by the teachers. While class was in secession you could always find him deep inside the library studying and researching. Research is where his interest lies, information and activity drives him. After leaving school he moved to the kingdom of Ere to help his 2nd. cousin; king Senichi with his kingdom. A place unknown to them all. The land is filled with unseen, hidden gems of information and Dari spends hours and days lost in the field researching gathering information for the king. He soothes himself in suspense and expects his life to be led that way.


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