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04/22/2021 07:01 PM 

About my Writing Skills

Note: On my profile I didn't spoke indepth about my writing skills but in this blog post I shall go into detail on every spot which I consider important information for my roleplaying partners to know. 

    The length of my replies will fluctuate from a paragraph to multi-paragraph. Though, I’ll try to match what I receive. My minimum is a single paragraph with 5 to 6 sentences; as for my maximum would be around 5 to 6 paragraphs depending on my inspiration at that moment. Won't do one-liners, I lose interest with ease or run into inspirational walls that end affecting other role-plays in the end.
    English is not my first language. Meaning there’s a high chance that I’ll have grammatical or spelling errors in my writing. If you aren’t comfortable with written errors occasionally happening then we might not work well together. Another thing, I can't do abbreviations (text-talk) inside or outside of character.
  3. GENRE:
    All genres are welcomed in the plotlines but be warned, romance is a must. When a plotline doesn’t contain any romance my interest on fails. Romance can be from simple and occasional flirting, to eventually dating or even future marriage and family building.
    Plotlines or stories are built with teamwork; I help you and you help me. There some types of plotlines or ideas that I won’t do but I'll eventually go over them later. Either way, that means if I say I won’t play something, don’t try to change my mind. If your plotlines, ideas or suggestions are nowhere listed as a strict no, do ask before incorporating them on our roleplay. If it turns out is something I can’t do, I’ll be sure to politely let you know straight on.
    At the current time I am only roleplaying pairs that are either Male+Female or Male+Male.
  6. ROLES:
    I prefer to roleplay my main characters as Submissive/Bottom/Switch roles but I can't do complete Submission either. My character's will always have Dominant/Top characteristics, yet they won't actually be 'Dominant/Top' when the lights are off. 
    I'm able to roleplay 1 primary characters and unlimited secondary and tertiary characters, as long as they aren't all at the same time. As for my maximum of primary characters I can do is around 4 but again as long as they aren't not being used at the same time. I am open to the idea of doubling characters as I like being fair with my roleplaying partner. 
    When it comes to fandom, I can't play Cannon Characters unless they are Secondary in where my partner and I can both control to help advance the story. I don't mind if my roleplay partner decides to play their main character as a Cannon but for me to play one, there is need of a very important previous discussion first. 
    Due to different situations, I am currently not as active as I used to be. I can’t promise to reply daily or more than once every day but what I can assure you is a reply (or replies) whenever I’m online. If I am unable to log in for more than a week, I’ll try to post a status to notify about it. I’m not one to ‘ghost’ or disappear on anyone without a good explanation; so I expect the same. You may send me a message as a reminder if you see that I disappear for more than a week without warning, but please don’t spam either.


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