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04/30/2021 07:02 PM 

some things I noticed about some of the people using this site

  1. The troll, I've seen him on other sites, but only on here does he live so rent free in user's heads to the point people actually bother to private pictures you can easily get off of google or hiding the playby of a character as though they were the ones who made the playby (discounting those who have made/commissioned their pictures)
    A: I have seen people on here actually go out of their way to screech about "Stolen" pictures when damn near every single one of them are using by their own logic stolen pictures, which they using their logic, defaced to hide it being stolen.
  2. The bashing of writers who partake in ero
    A: I get that some, particularly in the lesbian scene can be exceptionally toxic, but not all of them are like that, some food for thought 
    B: Some are fully capable of writing nonero with very good hooks.
    C: Quite a few of y'all who have openly bashed ero rpers and spoken of disdain of it write on ero sites.
    D: SOME OF THOSE write it in public for all to see lmfao
  3. A LOT of passive aggressive and indirect statuses being made akin to myspace/facebook pettiness.
  4. Some people on here dog whistling to report other members for percieved slights, "daring" to roleplay the same canon character as they are, for speaking facts about the character, being more knowledgeable about the character and universe of said character etc
  5. kinda ties into 2, but in terms of people roleplaying canonical characters while there being little to no information about them.  IE: A New character for a fighting game series.
    A: Some will deny they do this, but I have seen them post bad mouthing people who do it while doing so themselves.
  6. ocs
    A: I have seen some well, written ocs be totally ignored in favor of very badly mary sue ocs.
    B:  said mary sues get praised while well written ocs get shunned and ignored.
  7. A severe lack of ability to take criticism especially valid criticism.
    A: If you do not want anything you put out to be criticized, tough.  NO ONE is above criticism.
    B: Criticism is not a personal attack on you nor your ability to write, but if you take it as such, maybe this isn't for you or you need to grow some thicker skin... just saying.
    C: While Criticism is something you can use to improve, depending on how well it is explained.
    D: Just because you hear things that put you in your little emotions doesn't make it less valid if there are points being made.
    E: You who pretends no one has ever done so, but merely ignores any and all valid points that are made which does metaphorically not suck off or praise your character and totally ignores all faults including how powers and things from shows you've seen and those you have bashed are just slapped onto your oc.
  8. hypocrisy abound
    A: I have seen people express dislike for certain things being done involving their character, but allow it to be done consistently instead of addressing it. IE: being given the god tier stuff from a verse for no other reason, but because the other person's character is friends with them. 
  9. A MASSIVE lack of any kind of character growth or development that is organic and narratively decent and something that is not *is suddenly better within 1-2 posts even if this is the character's first time doing it and the characters shown a lack of certain factors that would allow an accelerated learning speed*
A/N: Not writing about cliques because that's literally every site and has been a thing in roleplay since before you could do it online.


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