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May 4th, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 18
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May 01, 2021


05/01/2021 05:52 PM 


1. I don't EROplay. Just no. Don't lewd the cinnamon roll ;w;
2. I am new to the character an verse, so don't god mod me. Tips are accepted tho ♥
3. I do play the game, so be prepared for me to possibly post what I have for my characters.
4. DO.NOT.RUSH.ME! I am quite busy irl, so no rushing =3=
5. DON'T BEG ME FOR ANYTHING!!! If I said 'no' to anything and you keep begging, I will give you a threaten/warning. Do so again, and you get insta blocked.
will add more when I think of some


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