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Name: Leelawadee Agaric
Human Name: Katō Tonbō Ushōda
Cause of Death: Suicide
Birthday: 31/10/1993
Deathday: 09/09/2013
Nickname: Lee, Shroomy, Heavyweight Champion
Gender: Male
Race: Arrancar
Evolution: Gillian-class Menos, Adjuchas, Vasto Lorde, Espada

Adjuchas Appearance: Tall pillar like body standing at a full length of 12ft tall, with able legs coming out from the lowest point of his body, and 2 arms midway towards his head. Where both his hands and feet would be are 4 toes and 4 fingers, with claws. A sturdy trunk, and bulky limbs. From his hands leading up to his forearms are periwinkle colored gradient patterns leading upward. His pillar body cuts off at his head where he has 2 slits for eyes, no mouth opening, or nose holes, which expands outward is a circular shape, that creates a concave dome or lense shape at the top of his head. His body strongly resembles a giant mushroom with arms and legs. An ash gray body with dirty gold eyes, a mouth that sits evenly spaced in the middle of where his head starts, and where his arms protrude. He fires a Cero Double using his index and pinky finger/claw. Holding his hand up with a “devil horns” hand pose, and fires double cero in a brown color.

Age Appears: 29
Height: 6’1
Weight: 183.4lbs
Hair: Short brown (described as ‘disheveled, shaggy, messy, unkempt’)
Eyes: Dandelion yellow/gold
Residence: Las Nochas, Hueco Mundo
Occupation: Espada numero tres’ (#3)
Aspect of Death: Loneliness
Hollow Hole: Right pectoral (opposite of heart)
Espada Tattoo: Middle section of right hand middle finger (covered by a single finger black sleeve)
Hollow Mask Remnant: Small plate piece (2x4) located on right cheek bone under right eye
Body Type: Slender, muscular
Zanpakuto: Deformación (Warp), Its release command is “Alterar ‘alter’”. His zanpakuto is more like a natural ability as oppose to a physical separate entity with it’s own persona. Thus it’s less likely to qualify for the definition of a ‘zanpakuto’. Though it’s referred to as the latter.

Zanpakuto Appearance: A nickle-plated band he dons on his right ring finger (also covered by a single black finger-sleeve). With 4 different colored gem stones sitting on the top. Each gem representing a different ability he uses as his primary defense and offense even before activating his Resurrección. White/pearl, green/emerald, pink/tourmaline, lavender/amethyst.

NOTE: When activated every individual within a radius of Leelawadee is tagged as a participant and subject to Warp’s abilities. Meaning those too close to him without being an actual opponent will want to get further from him. Those effected by it have a flat circular base beneath their feet like a toy solider. The 4 abilities rotate in order based on color and have no time limit. The rotation cannot be altered, in order to move on to the next ability you must exercise the live one. You can move as quickly as you are able, however one of the stops requires you take damage. If your opponent does not inflict damage than you cannot move onto the next ability. There is a loop hole to this... The participating members can be on 2 different phases at any point. It is up to the individual.

Warp’s Abilities:

Pearl/white: Project - In this 4 stop rotation Project is the first. Project means but is not exclusive to cero, bala, kido, raw energy, ect. At this point you are limited to only projectiles. Without firing a projectile one cannot move onto the next ability. Acting on other forms of attack will be deflected with zero damage. Warp’s great power acts for itself and forces the inhabitants of its “bubble” to play according to the rules. The individual can only fire 1 projectile at a time in this cycle until they come back around to Pearl/Project.

Emerald: Reject - Phase 2 is reject and this allows any attack to be voided of damage, in this case the one who’s on this ability can choose wisely when they would like any size or level of attack be completely rendered of it’s intended damage preemptively. Warp can drain the energy of such attack or simply protect the individual of it. This can only be done once person cycle. Once the damage nullifier has been used the next ability is activated. This is a 1 Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Watermelon Tourmaline/pink: Direct - The 3rd stage of the cycle is Direct. In this stage one must take damage in order to move on. A certain level of damage must be inflicted, it must be a sufficient amount of damage to move forward with the rotation.

Lavender: Connect - The final stop on the rotation is Connect, after this stage is implicated in the battle the cycle starts back over at Pearl/Project. So on and so forth. Connect is the one free hit that gives the individual the ability to physically strike the enemy without the individuals ability to withstand it as effectively as they would outside the Game. Any individual can defend themselves of course by any means, but NOT kido or energy related retaliations can be implicated. That is reserved for Project. It comes down too a weakening of ones armor-like skin, and super abilities that make one superior to a human. With a fist or blade while on this stage maneuvering and sheer skill is what will determine how easily one can achieve this ability and restart the rotation.

NOTE: These abilities can be gone through in a matter of seconds if the active players are skilled enough, close enough, and the battle is intense enough. If one tries to fire a kido blast while on any of the other 3 phases they will not be able too. Falling short and having a moment of confusion could be the difference between life and death. Leelawadee knows his abilities well and has mastered them. He is quick, and seldom loses. However at the end of the day this is Warp’s Game and he’s just living in it. Warp is not on his side, or anyone’s. Warp wants to see a good game, and whoever the winner is deserves it. Lee simply needs to be smarter, and faster than his opponent to play another day.

Bankai: What would be referred to as a Bankai, Leelawadee has a secondary extension of abilities that proceed from his 4 Gem Cycle method. Only when Leelawadee has reached his highest resurrección stage can he access these secondary abilities. The 4 gems no longer work separately they now work together for 1 great ability. However completely different from their former powers. Leelawadee when in his strongest stage gains the ability to alter the weight of all physical objects, some by direct contact some indirectly. While having nothing to do with his former powers he can make a zanpakuto weigh 300lbs or weigh less than a gram. He can alter the weight high or low on command. The only catch is the moment he alters the weight of something every second that passes that item or person slowly gain a pound back until the weight is back to normal. It’s on a time limit. Quick enough that won’t matter but it does play into effect. Leelawadee has only used this ability once, and it was too fight and kill a Quincy.

Resurrección: When Leelawadee activates his resurrección and transform. The patch piece of his mask that remains extends and wraps around his face like a band, then forms around his head like a helmet but without covering his nose, just the bridge of his nose and up, with 2 slits for eyes. After it develops a helmet appearance, the very top of his head or cranium forms a second level at the highest point, extends strait outward then rounds off sticking further out than his helmet piece, at about 16 inches in diameter. With a concave dome at the top. This resembles his mushroom like appearance as a Adjuchas.

Resurrección Segunda Etapa: Second stage of transformation. His white mask, encasing the upper half of his head extends lower, with a full body cylinder or pillar like appearance, reaching down to his crotch/lower waist. The concave disc that sits atop his head widens and grows to be about 32 inches in diameter all around. Both of his legs from his soles to his upper thighs right at the joints are armored with his former hollow body. Giving him 95% coverage on his legs, 95% coverage of his body/torso. His arms are also encased with armor from finger tips to shoulder joints. Again providing 95% coverage. His fingers become sharpened at the tips to razor-sharp claws. His eyes glow a vibrant gold, and the very top of the disc that ties the mushroom appearance together is spotted with red dots. While his feet going up to his mid-shin/calf have a gradient brown-to-white appearance. The colored light produced from the gems on his right hand remain intact. The green, pink, lavender, and white glow around each 4 of his fingers remains the same.

Cero Color: Normal form, brown. Resurrección stage 1, green. Stage 2. black.
Personality: Compare to that of Dosu Kinuta and Kakashi of Naruto, as well as Ikkaku of Bleach
Likes: Pineapples, hoshigaki, talking, training/playing with his powers/abilities
Dislikes: Arrogance, stupidity, introverts, egos, ignorance, narcissism
Favorite Color: Dusty Rose…why? It’s a quiet beauty…



  • Leelawadee Agaric is the 2nd Espada to have started out as a Gillian class hollow I.e. ‘Menos Grande’. The other Espada member with that entry stage was Aaroniero Arruruerie. Albeit both were above average in strength Menos Grande, partially associated with why they survived and evolved.  
  • Many hollows (but not all) have their holes in place of where their hearts used to be when human. Leelawadee’s hole is opposite side of where his heart used to be.
  • Leelawadee’s last name Agaric is actually derived from the Latin-turned-eEglish classification indentity to a psychedelic mushroom known as ‘Flying Agaric’; a red button mushroom with surface sitting white spots. His last name is an homage to his resemblance to that of a giant mushroom when he was an Adjuchas. He regains some of those mushroom like features when in his resurreccion 1st and 2nd stage of transformation.
  • Leelawadee is a type of Font originally available on Microsoft Word but was dropped and then adopted by Writer. It can be found and bought on Font purchasing websites for Microsoft.
  • Leelawadee’s voice actor Lex Lang also did work on Naruto, Gundam, Street Fighter, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z Super, Finale Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors, and many others. Lex Lang also provides the voice for Bleach characters Marechiyo Omaeda & Runuganga.
  • The colors of the gems on his zanpakuto Deformación were inspired by Inuyasha moth demon Gatenmaru who was the first major threat to Inuyasha causing his first transformation as he neared death. Gatenmaru’s colors were green, pink, lavender, and white.
  • His zanpakuto’s name Deformación when translated means Warp; named for the ability it gives Leelawadee to control and change actions allowed while playing the “Game” but also when his Bankai takes over, Warp puts his game away, and allows Leelawadee to use his natural zanpakuto ability to alter the weight of physical objects, lighter or heavier..
  • Leelawadee is the only Espada or known arrancar with 3 different color ceros for 3 different forms. A different color cero for every form.
  • Leelawadee is the only Espada that does not carry or use a wielded weapon for fighting. While Yammy isn’t often seen fighting with his katana (if at all); Leelawadee Agaric doesn’t even own a katana. Nor does he at any point wield a hand held weapon. His powers and abilities come apparently from his ring and the gems that are on it. Or close combat fighting. In his possession he has mounted on the wall in his dorm Rudbornn’s zanpkauto.


Cero Double
Cero Cornea
La Marida
Gran Rey Cero
Cero Oscuras
Sonido Master
Enhanced Bala
Enhansed Pesquisa
Master Hand-tohand Combat
Overwhelming Reiatsu
Immense Spiritual Power
Highly Perceptive Combatant
Master Strategist/Tactician
Caja Negación
High-speed Regeneration
Enhanced Hierro


Leelawadee Agaric turned hollow from his human self Katō Tonbō Ushōda when he committed suicide over a girl named Ayada Katezeban he was infatuated with, could not return him the mad love he had for her. After which he evolved over time and his first hollow form was that of a Gillian-class hollow; or Menos Grande. Where he roamed with groups of fellow Gillian class. By default he was naturally above average in power, and formed more introspective thoughts while most Menos Grande are of basic instinct and lack thinking process. Which actually makes them dangerous not only to none-hollow beings, but to themselves as well. Leelawadee over time had devoured and cannibalized enough hollow that he evolved into an Adjuchas, again being above average in strength and intelligence where he would stick out in a crowd. His naturally given higher stats proved extremely beneficial in a ‘kill or be killed’ surrounding. Survival of the fittest and natural selection were kind to Leelawadee but not without effort, struggle, and an ever lasting fight to the death as he remained Adjuchas for a few years.

It took longer than usual for him to evolve into a Vasto Lorde level hollow; albeit seldom make it to that level. Leelawadee however did not go through a downward spiral of mentality and ambition like Grimmjow did. Leelawadee was never concerned with strength and pressing for time, as he was confident in his ability to fight, win, and survive. Almost finding comfort in the game. When He finally reached Vasto Lorde stage after over 1000 hollows were killed and devoured he possessed an enormous level of reiatsu and spiritual power. Essentially becoming a beacon for hollow alike. Either a beacon to stay away, or a beacon to want to challenge. The time spent casually killing and consuming hollow positively affected his outcome as Vasto Lorde with the numbers adding up. The moment he evolved he was immediately jumped heading towards the peak of power where he would remain. His time as Vasto Lorde took place during the last generation of Espada, so he was not present until after 9 out of 10 Espada were killed, and Aizen was stripped of authority in Hueco Mundo due to his defeat.

The Rudbornn Chelute Chapter
Leelawadee Agaric’s first physical contact with any Las Nochas arrancar was with a mortally injured Rudbornn Chelute found unconscious and badly beaten at the hands of Yammy Llargo; via a single punch. Leelawadee was oblivious and unaware of what transpired never having heard of the Espada or Las Nochas and the community organization formed there by Shinigami Aizen Sosuke. Leelawadee helped the broken arrancar, taking him to a safe place on the outskirts of Las Nochas. Where the next several years the 2 would assist each other and survive together, to help keep each other alive and help each other grow stronger. The 2 developed a strong brother-like bond. Where Rudbornn wanted revenge against surviving arrancar in Las Nochas, Leelawadee talked him out of it with the argument that everyone was either dead or mute. Unknowingly Hueco Mundo underwent a new de facto ruler over the time Rudbornn and Leelawadee spent surviving together. Rudbornn and Leelawadee spent a large duration of their time together in the Forest of Menos where they resided in the trees and grew stronger by slaying Adjuchas and Menos Grande.

It wasn’t until The Quincy arrive in Hueco Mundo, and the Wandenreich fight for dominating ownership of Hueco Mundo. Claiming it as their own, a base of operations for their 2nd war with Gotei 13. That Rudbornn and Leelawadee exit the Forest of Menos back up to top to Hueco Mundo, where they are encountered by Quincy and Sternritter. A massive fight broke out between the arrancar and the Sternritter. The fight was 2-5 a low ranking Quincy and 4 Sternritter guards with average stats. The fighting rages on for about 90 minutes by then the Sternritter had been slain and only the Quincy remained, as both Rudbornn and Leelawadee were exhausted and overpowered by the Quincy who hadn’t lifted a finger yet; rather he watched the fight go on between the arrancar and sternritter. The Quincy easily overwhelmed Rudbornn with his untapped power, slaying the arrancar and Leelawadee’s first and only friend up till this point. Separating the 2 for the first time since they met, after years of bonded teamwork.

An enraged Leelawadee Agaric violently exercised his talented variety of cero, injuring the Quincy but just barely phasing him. It was than that Leelawadee for the first time accessed his core ability or what would be known as his zanpakuto; though it’s classified otherwise. In a blind rage and violent outburst he used his abilities and increased the weight of the Quincy’s hands by touch, increased the weight of his own arm, and while the Quincy was essentially bound; Leelawadee plunged his arm through the Quincy’s chest, then built up a great energy of his own reiatsu to do an enhanced bala, and expanded his reiatsu in a solid form from within the Quincy’s chest. Exploding him and killing him instantly. From there, Leelawadee would pass out completely spent of energy and life force. He would remain unconscious for a long period of time. After awaking, he traveled out of the vicinity and would spent his remaining stamina healing, and growing stronger. Just as he did before with Rudbornn; whom he carries souvenirs of. Including his zanpakuto ‘Arbola’, and his set of skulls that remained intact despite a debilitating blow from Yammy some time ago.

Leelawadee missed the entire Quincy War, and it wasn’t until they were dead and gone that Leelawadee were emerge fully healed, and at his peak physical condition. Where he turned to Las Nochas and entered without resistance or confrontation. On high alert expecting similar enemies to that of who he fought before being Quincy or Sternritter. Instead he was greeted by a Tier Halibel, the reinstated de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo who after a brief conversation and awkward intervention. Was welcomed to stay and it was there that Leelawadee Agaric became a close friend of Halibel, with Espada 3 level or higher power and reiatsu he became individual part of her Fracción as a follower with authority and command status. Essentially 2nd in command; partially due to his power level. In his own barrack he keep Rudbornn Chelute’s zanpakuto in a display case, protected and admired. As a sentimental relic of his time spent with his friend the arrancar. His horns are also displayed in a Earthly fashion, just as a hunter would display antlers from a hunted deer. Humorous perhaps, but he doesn’t know any better… Now he has a strong bond with Tier and follows her like a lost puppy with a sense of protecting her. His aspect being loneliness, he never wanted to suffer the feelings he felt like he did with Rudbornn.


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