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Novella Sample

Hueco Mundo, Las Nochas; this melancholy grayscale that stands as a habitat for heartless lifeforms with a second chance at survival. Perhaps the wrong lifeforms to be given a second chance. A hollow gale moved the branches of every dead tree, the sound of the gale you could tell had no strength behind it. It was weak, it too was lifeless. Like an empty shell. The nimbus lended background to the foreground but sadly, it provided no extension to the 1 dimension environment. It was a dead space, and yet home, a contradictive duality with the complexity of a fine wine but also a shroudy veil like a foggy day in London. It served as a battleground for some, and for the misfortunate, it also serves as a grave. There was 1 particular being, who's (un)Earthly body was present in his dorm, while his Earthly mind was adrift elsewhere.

How I envy you
Sleep when there is death
Awaken to life

Leelawadee Agaric, a calculating soldier ready to march for his Queen. A perspective was uploaded into him, many nights ago and long before he had such a Queen to march for. When the only drums he marched too, were his own. It was a much lonelier time period. He had not yet heard of Quincy, or Sternritter, and the word Espada was a foreign to him. He was still young per-se; a Vasto Lorde sharing a journey with a fellow Vasto Lorde whom he rescued and befriended, Rudbornn Chelute. With such quiet times as they had been, civil relations between the worlds of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, as well as the major threats neutralized. It took more energy to maintain some form of amusement or busy-work than genuine productivity. Scores of training sessions would take place to rigorously keep strength and practice up to par. It left too much time for thinking and mental escapes to times gone by. Leelawadee went to the same place every time, that being his time spent with Rudbornn. Since other periods of his life were blurred due to his lower levels of evolution also rendered his sophisticated cognitive function.

It was just then however...the absence of noise and cloud around Leelawadee's head had burst simultaneously. A blood-curdling screech shattered the dead silence of the surrounding area. Echoing and reverberating so that it was impossible to ignore. 20/20 vision narrowed the scope of open possible locations, zeroing in on the source of this powerful cry. Neck muscles tensed instinctively from natural alarms in his mind. Leelawadee could disclose that the sound was coming from a Adjuchas in the distance, stained with battle scars, and hot with adrenaline. It seemed as though this creature of nightmares was charging for Las Nochas. Realistically Leelawadee wasn't certain as to what kind of damage this bastard thought it was capable of doing. Nor was he terrible concerned with this potential destruction, despite all of this he felt responsible to address this rabip wild dog. Since he was in perfect sight of it, was already a hop, skip, and a jump away from it, he saw no reason to wait for someone else to see this rambunctous thing, and see to it themselves to resolve the threat.

"Tch...interesting at all that it found us here... Seeing as how I'm possibly the only one here, staring out a window... I'll be happy to get an exercise... I wouldn't want this thing to disturb my Queen, she has more important things to do I'm sure than tend to the challenge it so badly wants..."

The slim standing arrancar broke the bored disposition he kept for so long, placing both dry hands on the sill, and with a simple leap exited his dorm through the window and landed listlessly on the dunes of sand that blanketed Hueco Mundo. The wild Adjuchas resembled a boar. 4 legs, 2 great horns, a snout, a skull protecting its head, and the only notable attribute this Adjuchas has that would differ it was an Earthly boar, would be it's jet-like wings extending from it's back... Indeed separating it from every other characteristic qualities that a Earth boar would have in common. What function did these protruding fragments serve? Leelawadee might soon find out...

"...My Queen, I hope you may be watching...I don't want to distract you...but at the same time, I want to display for you...what I have to offer, so that I may be able to fight for you one day..."

Leelawadee then bent at the knees, and with a single leap, became airborne and over half a hundred meters landed that much closer to this Adjuchas. The damn thing continued charging with continuous burst of battle cries. For it being a adjuchas, Leelawadee concurred that it didn't seem to have much in the way of a thinking process, or a mind of its own. It's odd charging behavior made it seem like it shared the qualities of a Menos Grande. The simplest of motives, feed and kill...

"Hey! Who are you...? ....Do you know what you're about to get yourself into....? The hell...?"

He released a sigh.

"...Whatever. I'm glad I was this mindless when I was an Adjuchas..."

His eyes opened shut...his right hand slipped into his pocket. His left hand was raised up, and as lightly as catching a ladybug in the palm of his hand. Leelawadee clenched his fist. Suddenly his reiatsu like a black-hole with Leelawadee being in the center of it appeared, and all around him the air grew stiff. So dense was his reiatsu it would stop a batted baseball in dead space, like the gravity suddenly seized and the air froze. Leelawadee was renown for his reiatsu. If he were to be known for one ability, it would be this. His powers that lie in his right hand work correspondingly with his reiatsu for its effects only function within the bubble his reiatsu creates when he releases it. It is a key component in his battle tactics. Just as he released his immense reiatsu, the Adjuchas stopped dead in its tracks, as it's own body weight suddenly became to much for it to sustain. Then, while Leelawadee had the Adjuchas frozen, Lee took his right hand out of pocket and pointing to the sky with his pointer finger extended. He fired a minor cero from the tip of his finger.

He proceeded to follow it in the sky with his pointer finger, and just as if it was attached to a string, he guided the cero; which he fired directly into the sky. Moving it in mid air and bring it down onto the Adjuchas like a knight's mace coming down on a person's skull. His cero color is brown in his normal form... An explosion followed as he brought his cero down from the sky onto the Adjuchas. Leelawadee not only control the aim of his cero when once it was going in a far different direction, he also applied one of his gem abilities, which is to control mass/density/weight of an object indirectly. Once he targeted his own minor cero, as he began to bring it down towards the Adjuchas, from a distance he increased its density, and its weight by 20 times making it as damn dense as a moon rock. A battle cry followed, which was followed by silence... Leelawadee never assumed, he waited for confirmation before thinking it was over just like that.

It was then, that his confirmation was provided, the Adjuchas was never even struck. Through the shroud of dust and sand ignited into a cloud by the explosion of the cero the Adjuchas was airborne and being propelled by its apparent wings. It was an unforeseen move made by the Adjuchas and Leelawadee was caught slightly off guard. Never would have guess that it had the ability of flight, especially when it resembled a boar.

"Well...I'll be damned...pigs can fly..."

Jokes aside, Leelawadee now learned that this Adjuchas has flight, and that Lee's reiatsu was not enough to keep this thing grounded. Which to him he had thought that flight with his current level of reiatsu would be like molasses in winter time, trying to move through the air. It was the Adjuchas's turn, from the sky it fired 3 cero from his mouth, consecutively. Leelawadee watching their approach carefully raised his right hand, and his ring finger began to glow...he was working in the same gem ability that effect his own cero. He decreased the weight of the 3 approaching ceros. And much like paper airplanes they teedered out and crash landed in the sand at random spots. They lost momentum and barely made a splash. Then out of furious retaliation, the Adjuchas began to conjure a Vasto Lorde strong bala...something Leelawadee did not expect to see. The sharp tip of both it's horn began to glow, and a string of energy connected the 2 where 2 sources of energy met, a sphere of energy formed between the 2 husks. Just like that the Adjuchas fired a bala; while naturally weaker in damage calculation than a cero, it possesses more concussive force and flies by in speeds over what a cero moves at. Lee applied the same gem ability and weakened its density causing it to lose momentum and it skid into the ground causing a minor explosion.

"Tch...this thing doesn't seem to have much in the way of diversity. I'll give it that I didn't see it being able to fly. And the bala was more powerful than an Adjuchas usually have. Why is it so dense...it's acting strictly out of animal instinct to kill....eh...."

The Adjuchas unleashed a battle cry, and its propulsion seized so the creature began to descend from the sky. It was making a nosedive and anticipated to land only a few yards from Leelawadee. Then its course changed when it curved its trajectory and instead of kamikaze landing in the sand; it suddenly took flight at head level and came right for Leelawadee. His only action was to duck, while doing so however, his right hand shot up, and grazed the Adjuchas to which Lee activated his gem's ability in weight. By touch he increased the weight of the Adjuchas by 300lbs. Causing it to land hard and grind across the sifty minerals. Particles filled the airspace for a brief moment then once it cleared, Leelawadee focused his sights onto the landed Adjuchas. It was indeed landed, but instead of witnessing it actually grounded, it was on all 4, facing Lee and in a battle-ready stance.

"...Interesting...what is with this thing... Hey! Uh....can you speak?"

Leelawadee got his answer....but not in the way he expected.... The Adjuchas responded, using telepathy as it spoke to Leelawadee inside of his head, and it's voice was not suiting to the creature. The voice was instead refind and yet also scratchy. This is what it said...

"Yesss....I cannnn......and youuuu.....you are rare....yesss......rare!"

Pupils shrunk, and a butterfly feeling formed in his chest

"Rare...the hell does that mean??"

The Adjuchas responded.

"Indeeeeed....you share....properties....of a feeewww......I should have chosen....a better host....."

Like a brick to the head, Leeawadee's hunch was enlightened as the voice that spoke to him said a key word...host.

"You are....controlling this Adjuchas? Mind control?"

It answered in kind with a sinister sounding mannerism.


The piercing hiss the voice had, forced a cringe upon Leelawadee's face. Suddenly this mad Adjuchas on a blind rampage turned into so much more... Leelawadee wasn't even fighting this Adjuchas anymore, he was fighting something else... His priorities changed...did he want to hurt the Adjuchas even though it was not in control of its own body? Or did he wanna put it out of its misery and sever the control from the controller? He had to think quickly, and act even quicker; because the Adjuchas started charging at him. He had more questions, and need more answers.

"Wait! Who are you..??"

...It responded...


The moment tensed. Suddenly Leelawadee sobered up from the lax situation and came to terms with the severity of the matter before him. Whoever he was really in battle with, has a God complex, and is willing to sacrifice other creatures to prove itself. And just what are the real capabilities of this puppet master? With the Adjuchas charging at him, he had to act fast, his lean gem abilities were now shedding layers and becoming more potent as Leelawadee became more serious. His zanpakuto's spirit was unsheathed if you will (though he does not carry any handheld weapon). His 4 fingers, his pointer, middle, ring, and pinky finger all began to glow their distinctive colors, green, pink, purple, and white. 3 out of the 4 of his gem's abilities activated and were in full swing. He uttered the words that tie together the activation of his zanpakuto...

"Warp! Alter!"

With the Adjuchas coming his way he utilized his weight gem, the pearl or milky white glow of his pointer finger. Indirectly without touch he controlled the weight of the Adjuchas completely, making its weight less than a pound heavy, the Adjuchas began to float into the air, all 4 of its legs kicking and still in a running motion. While in the air, Lee unleashed an enhanced bala from his right hand and attempted to quickly shoot the Adjuchas. However the moments between him firing the bala, and him hitting the Adjuchas he activated his pink gem which controls speed/velocity. So, in order to double the calculated damage of the bala, in a split second he increased the speed of the bala by double and it indeed struck the Adjuchas leaving searing smoke trailing from its body as it fell from the midair and crash landed.

To doubly secure his sense of security Leelawadee fired another cero into the sky, and much like earlier on, he repeated his action of following it with his finger and controlling its direction, he targeted the Adjuchas and began to bring his right arm down with his pointer finger extended. Just before the cero would land on the Adjuchas, Lee activated his green gem, which controls size/volume. Which means he altered the size of his cero from a basketball size, to the size of a VW Bug. It further seared the outer protective skin/armor of the Adjuchas. It unleashed a cry. For a brief moment, the Adjuchas spoke to him, but not in the way of telepathy, and it was not in the voice of this mind controller either... Leelawadee was not prepared for what he was about to hear...

"Raagghh! Kill meee! Kill me!"

His eyes widened and a spark seemed to have whizzed across his mind. The host either momentarily lost control of the Adjuchas or the host overpowered its intruder. Either way, Leelawadee knew at that moment that it was in pain, and he needed to cut any sh*t and simply end this unfair battle. Before he could make a decisive decision, the other voice returned...

"Hahahaa~! You heard the thing, put it out of its misery! It was never a challenge for you anyway! End this! End this nowww!"

Leelawadee was conflicted and now frustrated...

"Grr.....how's about you show up yourself and you and I fight! If you were testing me, I've got abilities up my sleeve I save for real challenges. Where are you?!"

Creature: DARKNESS!!

Was its response.

Leelawadee: That's pretty accurate...what the hell do you want from me??

Creature: DIE!!

Leelawadee: Wh-what? Why me? Do you know who I am?

Creature: GOD!!

Leelawadee: Tch...far from it.... Let's change it up... I'm an arrancar, WHAT are you?

Creature: Haahaha~!!

A gulp could be heard from Leelawadee, he has zero clue what he was dealing with. This all happened so fast, it was only an hour ago he was bored daydreaming. Now...he's face to face with some creature unknown to him. He was running out of questions to ask...

Leelawadee: Were you testing me? What more do you want?


Leelawadee: Were you human once like me...?

Creature: Haahahaha!

Leelawadee: Why did you possess some Adjuchas? Though I think I already know the answer...

Creature: GOD! I AM GOD!

Leelawadee: Tch, wrong! You're the worst bottom-feeding fiend I've ever felt the presence of! I don't know what deep, dark crevice you ascended from, but if you plan on returning here you're going to be in for an ugly end! I'll strip the fun from your mind games and end you myself!

What happens a god of death meets a death god...?

Creature: My will.... MY WILL IS ULTIMATE!

Suddenly the tension dropped...the voice was no longer present. All was quiet once again... Then in the drop of a dime, there was noise once more. A loud whooshing sound like a tsunami wave washing away the structures in its path, a gust of forceful energy shot out of the body of the Adjuchas, and it's lifeless body lay there, the creature who possessed it was now gone. Leaving only Leelawadee as a living being in the nearby vicinity... It was over. But what was "it". Was this a nightmare? Would Leelawadee wake up in his bed, in a cold sweat, panting... That would indeed be fortunate. However that was not the case, a new, very evil threat just now introduced itself. In such a vile, grotesque way, that it will leave a permanent stain in Leelawadee's mind, and render him future nights of sleep until further notice. What can you say? What do you say? Who do you tell? And how? What happens next? And when? The peace that Leelawadee longed to absolve, was now sorely missed. He would trade back those moments of boredom with this, with everything he has...

Well anyhow...fortunately (in some ways) for Leelawadee, he didn't have to comb through finely selected words chosen to describe his encounter. There were eye-witnesses from Las Nochas that had seen the entire transaction. Some...experienced more than just witnessing the interaction, some could hear the voice that Leelawadee perceived as only being audible to himself... He stood there...for a long, dragged out moment, trying to wrap his head around everything that just happened. He came out of this without a scratch on him, it didn't matter. His first movement was that he walked over towards the body of the Adjuchas... Catatonic eyes grazed over it, then he kneeled down slowly and carefully. Placing 2 fingers on the Adjuchas's neck as if to feel a pulse. But he was actually feeling its body temperature. It was ice cold...

"H-How....that's...impossible? Or...I guess not...uh...."

Leelawadee could only deduct that the Adjuchas had been dead for hours, perhaps days. It was long dead before Leelawadee ran into it. Nobody knows how long this Adjuchas was being possessed for. A sick thought crossed his mind, that this Adjuchas was probably in pain for a long time before its final end. If it was already dead when Leelawadee was fighting it, what does mean for this new threat? How powerful is this threat? What else is it capable of? More importantly perhaps...what lengths is it willing to go... Goosebumps chilled Leelawadee's skin...the only positive outcome from all of this, was that for the moment, it's over. Leelawadee turned around, stuck his hands in his pockets, and began to make the walk towards Las Nochas. Where after he entered the structure, a witness awaited his return...




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