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Theresa's New Story

How she Survived Flevance and was cured from the Amber Lead.

Theresa was born in the country of Flevance in the North Blue, where she lived with her parents, her father, who used to be a shipwright for Gold D Roger but now has his own shipwright company within Flevance. Theresa's mother was a well-known doctor from Drum Island, which is what Theresa aspires to be when she grows up.

When the extermination squad appeared in Flevance, Theresa and her father managed to escape. He intended to rescue Theresa's mother and other remaining survivors. While he makes his way to the Hospital with Theresa in his arms, Theresa started to hear crying all around them, she shielded her ears in an attempt to filter out any of the sounds because it was too much for her.  When Theresa noticed, her father had stopped moving and haven’t moved in a while, she wanted to turn around and saw that the hospital where her mother was in is on fire. Theresa and her father were now emotionally shattered.

Theresa’s father saw the extermination crew approaching them, but he immediately snapped back into action and left with Theresa, making it back to the docks without being spotted. He boarded his ship, leaving Theresa in the cabin safe and sound. He set sail and left Flevance unharmed, but Theresa's father noticed the Amber Lead symptoms before the assault on Flevance started, he kept it a secret because he didn't want to scare Theresa, particularly after losing her mother.

Theresa's father has left for Drum Island, where he has friends who can help him get rid of the amber lead. Once Flevance was out of sight and they were clear, he went to check on Theresa, who was asleep. As he got closer, he saw that Theresa was starting to show signs of the Amber Lead.

Later, her father went to see how many provisions they had available for the journey; he recalls that he didn't pack as much as they wanted because of the little time they had. As time passed, Theresa's father began to experience effects of the amber lead; his vision became fuzzy, and he collapsed onto the floor unconscious.

Theresa's father slowly opened his eyes, but when he did so, he realised he was somewhere else. Theresa and her father have been rescued by Dragon and his crew, Dragon was in the North Blue moving to relevance after the amber lead plague and he needs to find out what caused it and whether the world government has anything to do with it, thus recruiting people to join the Revolutionary army.

When they arrived at Drum Island, Theresa and her father were immediately welcomed and cared for by Kureha and the Isshi-100. Theresa and her father have been on Drum Island for a month, and Theresa has been unconscious since being rescued by Dragon and his crew. There was apparently good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Amber Lead in her father's bloodstream had spread out and he couldn't be healed, although they were able to slow it down so Theresa could say her goodbyes. The good news is that Theresa will be healed, but she will need to remain on Drum Island for at least another month to ensure that the effects of the Amber Lead are completely gone from her body.

When Theresa was healed, she awoke to see Kureha by her side. Kureha told Theresa of her father's situation and stated that she has at least a day to say her final goodbyes to him. When Dragon dropped Theresa and her father off at Drum Island, he stayed for a few days to make sure they were in safe hands, and he asked Ivankov to stay with Theresa until she was fit to travel with them back to headquarters.

Theresa's father awoke unexpectedly, but he was dying. He spoke to Theresa to say his last words to her, asking her to accompany Ivankov to their headquarters, where they would take care of her, and asking Theresa to stay strong. He also expressed his belief that she, like her mum, would make an amazing doctor. Then, realising he didn't have much time left, Theresa's father finale words were, "I love you my Dearest daughter" Then Theresa's father passed away, leaving her in agony.


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