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05/03/2021 04:23 PM 

Genshin Impact Pyro OC

Name: Feng-Shufen

Name Meaning: "Feng" -A Chinese word for someone who is like a phoenix. This name also means ‘maple’. "Shufen" - It means ‘someone with a good fragrance and who is well-liked’.
Nicknames: Phoenix, Red Lotus of Liyue, Pretty Boy
Age: 18
Vision: Pyro
Race: Human
Gender: Male 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 157 lbs.
Eyes: Reddish brown.
Hair: Shoulder length, auburn. 
Voice Claim: Kenichi Suzumura
S/O: Bisexual, male lean, switch depending on his partner.
Relationship Status: Single 
Occupation: Modeling his family's clothing designs. 
Scars: A few, see image. 
Piercings: Tongue.
Tattoos: See image.
Weapon of Choice: His spear "Soaring Blaze".
Outfit/Clothes: See image.
Figure: See image, healthy, slight muscle. 
Turn Ons: Tight clothing, PDA, being pinned against surfaces, and more.~
Likes: Showing off, good wine, eye candy, being used as eye or arm candy, flirting, teasing, dancing, people who are brave enough to play with fire, fashion.
Dislikes: Bland food or tastes, crimes against fashion, those who look down on others.

Elemental Skill: Quick Flare - Elemental energy gathers at the tip of his spear, forming a fireball that he can launch at his target with an upwards swing, applies the Fire debuff.

Elemental Burst: Inferno - Flames engulf the blade of his spear which he then slams into the ground, creating a vortex of fire in a large radius around him. This vortex remains on the field for a short time, trapping any enemy caught in it. 

Personality: Flirtatious, sassy, snarky, a bit of a diva, supportive, playful, a bit vain but he has a heart of gold. He means well in what he does, wanting others to see how beautiful they are. He likes to give expensive gifts to those he cherishes, especially if he knows they want the item but can't afford it. He will also do this for complete strangers less fortunate than himself. He does however have a fiery temper and is easily riled, he will be quick to instigate a fight if you need him too. Or if he just wants, he's a tad mischievous.

Bio: Feng as you can imagine is from a very wealthy family that specializes in tailoring clothes and repairing antiques. They are exceptional at what they do and it has been the family business for many centuries. He does not however desire to follow in his ancestors footsteps, preferring to put his time into adventuring. His family was skeptical at first until he offered to wear whatever they wanted him to and show it off on his travels. Thus the business flourished more than before, opening up smaller shops in areas though their main shop is in Liyue Harbor.

Pets: A Corn Snake with a pretty bright morph, "Ming"


House/Residence: His family's estate in Liyue Harbor.


Theme Songs:

Alone Pt. II - Alan Walker 


Pyromania - Cascada 


Nightcore - The Other Side 


 "I'm dazzling, I know darling."

"I love that fire in your you're going to devour me whole…~"

"Don't play with fire if you don't like getting burned.~"


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