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Character 3

Name: Rin Asato
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'7ft
Eyes: Crimson
Species: Miqo'te
Genre: Fantasy (Can always be used outside of it if you can explain his scarring)

Story: Rin was born in a town that was secluded from the rest of the world and it was not done by choice, Wars that were waged in the rest of the world had taken its toll on this town and this caused bandits to raid the town.

This town’s primary source of income was the mines deep below it which did not form standard ores but crystals that grew over time that contained a large amount of magical energy which could be harvested and used to fuel spells or used to enchant items with magical energies, This town was not the only one but just the largest until the town was destroyed by bandits, They never fully recovered and never received aid from any of the kingdoms.

The remaining people of the town decided they did not want to live in fear any longer and used the crystals below to fuel a spell that would hide the town from any outsiders but to make sure they could never step through the illusion they had a plan for that, Another spell in a radius around the barrier of the illusion that caused any outsider to see the most terrifying things imaginable, Few did make it through this however but they were never seen nor heard from again.

This caused people to name the region the nightmare planes because the radius kept having to be expanded each time someone made it through so it reached a good chunk of land that only people from the town had grown a resistance to the effects but only the effects caused by the crystals they mined.

This is caused by the fact that most of the people in this town have in some way, Shape or form consumed some of the crystal dust, It is in the water, It is in the food, It is everywhere because this town lives off the magic from the crystals.

Now the mutations that this caused were not common but also were not rare.

If a mother who is with child came into direct contact with concentrated amounts of the crystal by products it would cause the crystals to grow inside the skin of the baby while still in the womb, The crystals would not show until years after the birth, The exactly age varies but is commonly around the ages of 4-8.

The crystals would start grow through the skin which is an extremely painful process and the only way to make it easier on the children is to skin the afflicted regions and allow the crystals to grow which standardly would take the minimal being 1 year and the maximum being 8 years with every 6 months the skin had to be cut around the crystal just in case of further growth.

Rin was one of the afflicted children who had crystals that grew on his face down to a small amount on his chest and right arm.

His childhood was painful as he had more crystal growth than what was normal and it ended when he was 16 years old, After that he was so happy to not have to endure the pain but he did grow a resentment for living in the town, So he decided he wanted to go to a bardic college and learn the skills to become a bard but that was not a class that anyone in the village knew about, They were all mainly fighters and magic users.

Rin wanted a different life than what he was used to so he decided he would leave his town and venture out into the world then return at a later time…. After he left was when he realized something was different….. Wrong with him…

At the age of 19 he decided he was leaving but wasn’t going to tell anyone because they would have stopped him as it was an extremely rare thing that someone would leave the town.

Once he had left the illusion that protected the village he began to feel sick but he thought it was just from him being excited and nervous but when he was about half way out of the nightmare planes he began to see horrifying things, He fled in terror until he tripped and held his hand out and nothing happened and his hand went right through it…

He realized the spell outside of the illusion was affecting him meaning something was wrong with the crystals in his skin, They were different from the ones in the mines…..

He made his way to [Insert starting town’s name] He had a very outdated map to guide his way and it took him weeks to finally figure out he was going the wrong way which caused it to take months to make it to the town, Helping people on the way to the town he managed to avoid bandits and made some coin on the way, He had accumulated about 3 gold by the time he made it to the town.

He took no time in waiting before making his way around the town looking for the bardic college where he began to learn the arts of a bard.

He lived at the college and did chores and tasks to pay the rent to live there as well allowed some of the mages from the schools to examine his crystals on his face, He got some strange looks but nothing too bad happened since he stayed in the bardic college most of the time studying.

He had a bag of the magic crystals in his bag which he sold to the mages guild to even pay to enter the bardic college.


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