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Character 4

Name: Dragneel
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Height: 6’2ft
Species: Dragon bloodline.
Genre: Fantasy

Story: Dragneel was once capable of turning into a dragon when he was younger but as he got older he realized it was easier to stay hidden in a more human like form and after a few centuries he came to realize that he could no longer remember how to change back and was stuck in this form wandering the world until one day he became heavily injured from a bandit attack and they used some type of magic that made his flesh almost human like so he could be wounded, He quickly ran to a nearby kingdom and hid inside until a prince found him wounded and called for help, Due to his large size and obvious signs of a dragon bloodline the king decided in order to repay his debts he was to be the personal guard to the third prince which he did as he was ordered, He had to repay the young prince for saving his life and he became a loyal guard for the prince and only the prince.

Personality: Due to many centuries of being alive he has a dislike of humans but if he finds one to be worthy he will treat them kindly to an extent.


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