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Character 5

Name: Socks
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’2ft
Species: Drow
Genre: Fantasy

Story: Socks was once heavily cursed by a witch in the woods for breaking into her house, Eating all her food, Stealing all her gold and final offense, Spitting in her face, It almost seemed like he wanted to be cursed.
After about 4 years of being cursed into the form of an Orc that has an absolute need to get everyone they care about killed any way he can, His curse was broken (Death toll was about 148) In his cursed form his intelligence was reduced and living like that for years caused his intelligence to stay reduced in some aspects.
He does not remember his own name, He calls himself Socks but does not know what socks are and calls them "Demonic foot restraints" Attempting to explain it to him will only earn you an eldritch blast to the face which he will then heal the wounds and repeat if anyone persists to explain to him what his name means.

Personality: Bipolar as f***, Ranges from happiest person on earth to attempting to blow up a kingdom because the local bakery was out of fresh cookies.

[This character was one of my more chaotic DnD characters, In the campaign I used him in he had a curse that made him want to befriend evil creatures, He managed to set a 700ft long snake free from its 1,000 year imprisonment while also getting cursed from touching the water surrounding the chains he broke, Pointed the snake to a village near by so it could get some dinner, Looted the destroyed village found a cursed necklace that if you fed it gold you could look like anything... He gave it to snake and turned him humanish and used the snake as a weapon by ripping off the necklace, This character once gained 3 levels the first time he used snake boy as a weapon, Ohh but his adventures didn't end there, Ohh no not at all, He also managed to seduce and befriend a psychopathic warforged that was in the middle of cutting open his friend and replacing their organs with mechanical parts, Heck even helped him repair his mechanical dragon but it doesn't end there he ran into a mob called a Sweet Tooth which looks like a man, He took it down until it collapsed into a puddle of melted sugar, Bottled it up and with the DM expecting me to fail the religion check managed to make the enemy into his familiar, He also befriended a dragon and destroyed a kingdom... The DM was a little inexperienced when dealt my level of f***ery.]


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