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05/07/2021 08:14 PM 

Rules (2021)

Where did this year go??!

 to be on here more often. One reply a month will likely be 
my minimum but obviously sometimes things happen that will mean I won't be able to get on here. Don't worry though! I'll still be around and haven't ignored you--I NEVER read a message unless I'm ready to reply, to ensure I don't forget.
  • If you add me, I expect some form of greeting (comment, message, etc.) in order for us to get things going. So, please try to remember to communicate.
  • This is a roleplaying site, if you're not going to roleplay, get out. I will talk out of character in messages and status stream, but really, if we are to continue being friends, we have to at leat attempt to engage in play.
  • I am open to simple default starters, so feel free to send! 
  • Discussing roleplay beforehand is also good. But, let's not discuss too much, otherwise where's the mystery?
  • do engage in mature 18+ content, too, but it's gotta have a story!
  • Please, try your best. I don't even reply right away if I don't think I am on top form.
  • At least two lines is the minimum of what I can work with.
  • Maximum of five paragraphs, because, hey--we all have other things to do.
  • In it for the long run--if you're getting bored of what we're doing, let me know, don't just ignore it or it'll get worse. If you need, have a break and come back after you've thought on it. If not, I'd be happy to work with you on something new. Really, just ask.
  • During roleplay, feel free to talk to me if you need.
That about does it! Sounds easy enough right? If not, then maybe we aren't suited.
Just a few notes then: Genres, I can work with any. I try to play Garu in a number of styles, ranging from stoic hero, to loyal servant, and perverted beast.
Obviously, I am a Digimon universe player, but don't let that discourage you! You don't need to know a damn thing about Digimon to play with me. I will play as a Digimon, sure. But I also play Garu as a furry, and werewolf if you please. 


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